Smart Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles with Kids in the House in 2022 and Beyond

Cooking is a sensory experience for kids. Kitchen works also make a kid smarter, help them avoid food wastage and learn scientific concepts. Most families encourage their children to unload groceries, add ingredients to meals or arrange the crockery. So, the kitchen must be adaptable for the little ones. Further, it must be able to serve the special needs of kids in the house. Responsible parents must also try to minimize the risks. 

A few kitchen child safety hacks include storing sharp knives away, keeping cables out of reach and checking the smoke detectors regularly. But these are not enough. You must consider solid practical remodeling for the utmost safety in your absence. Kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles like Giant Construction can help with design-build, scheduling, estimating, quality control and material sourcing. Take a look at how to make the most of this to ensure a kitchen upgrade keeping kids in mind.

Consider a Breakfast Bar 

An island or peninsula would not be useful around kids. They can slide away easily or hurt their heads at the corners. So, the best kitchen renovations idea here would be introducing a breakfast bar. Think of the dimensions carefully, pick the right position and opt for a durable material. It will let you gather for meals, help a child sit for their homework or hold meaningful conversations with them. Children are less likely to jump down or bend over when you are not looking. It also allows you to tuck in high-rise baby chair safely inside.

Cabinet Lighting

This is a must-have in most kitchens. Take your pick from puck lights, motion-activated, wireless and hardwired ones. LED by far is known to have the lowest wattage and thus provides the least amount of heat. Consider sleek ones to ensure energy efficiency too. Work with kitchen contractors to get an idea on cool burning lights. Pick the safest ones that will not lead to burns and scabs on little hands. 

Wall Paint

Use eco-friendly non-toxic colors to replace the existing paint. Kids are susceptible to paint ingredients that cause respiratory issues. Try to take extra care when deciding on products for the kitchen. The best Los Angeles kitchen contractor can work with trusted vendors to score the best materials for this project. Make sure to get special paints like Sherwin-Williams Harmony, Benjamin More Eco Space, Behr’s Premium Plus. These lines have zero VOC and ensure minimum emissions. There are no molds or mildew as well which is further a great advantage for kids. 

Unique Storage Solutions

A basic kitchen remodel would be to install specific cabinetry meant for your toddlers. This must be used to store baby foods, mealtime linens like bibs, water/milk bottles, sterilizers and breast pumps. You can also use the space to stash their utensils. Generous storage can help make the kitchen as functional for kids as it is for adults. Ensure high rise shelves to keep the contents out of reach of children.  

Highly qualified and professional kitchen contractors can take care of everything. All you need to do is tell them your ideas, sit back and relax. You can expect a perfect kitchen in the end that your kids will love too. 


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