How To: Stay Healthy While Out in the Sun

The sun is a wonderful thing, warm, refreshing, and good for your health. However, there are also plenty of ways in which the sun can be bad for you, which is why this article aims to highlight exactly how you can stay healthy while you are out in the sun.

Why You Need to Be Careful While in the Sun

  • Sunlight carries a lot of potential for harm and the majority of this is a result of the UV radiation that sunlight carries. This form of radiation can be quite harmful to human life. Fortunately, most of it is blocked by the ozone layer, but some still manages to sneak through, which is the main reason why sunlight can be dangerous.
  • Why You Still Need Sunlight. However, sunlight also massively helps to boost mental and physical health, as well as delivering the warmth that keeps the planet from freezing into an earth-sickle, so not all bad.

Protect Your Eyes

  • Sunlight is, fundamentally, bad for your eyes – any bright light is, and as the brightest light you are ever likely to see – the sun – is probably the worst type imaginable for your eyes. It could potentially cause extreme damage and even if you don’t suffer any permanent damage, it could still seriously impact your ability to see immediately afterwards, which would also be problematic.
  • UV Lenses. One common solution for the issue of sunlight is sunglasses, but these have their own problems as the darkened screen encourages your eyes to open wider = allowing more UV radiation to penetrate. If you want to protect your eyes from harmful UV and not have to mess around with glasses either, then maybe try out UV contact lenses.

Stay Hydrated

  • Getting plenty of water while you are out in the sun is an important thing to do. The sun is often hot on your skin, and that is going to make you sweat whether you notice it or not. This means that you are losing water, salt, and other important nutrients as you sweat. What is the best way to deal with that? Eat and drink. By keeping yourself hydrated and replacing any nutrients you lose, you can avoid most negative effects.

Save Your Skin

  • Finally, the sun can do a lot of damage to your skin. Sunlight is chock full of UV radiation which can damage your skin cells making your age faster and carrying the potential to cause skin cancer. This damage generally presents itself in the form of a sunburn. However, most people avoid these through the use of sunscreen.
  • Why Shade is Better Than Sunscreen. What most people don’t realize is that, although sunscreen is great at protecting you, the radiation from the sun will still be damaging your skin. The best way to protect your skin from this damage is to stay in the shade where possible. Most things that block sunlight will do a far better job of protecting you from the damage it deals than anything you can cover yourself with.


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