I can’t begin to explain the excitement I had when I was informed that I would be able to interview country artist Kimberly Dawn. A big reason for this has to do with my eternal love for music. I grew up listening to various genres, but there has always been something special about country music; they always tell a story deep within the lyrics – and if you listen, you become that much closer to the artist. 


For those unfamiliar with Kimberly Dawn, allow me a moment to e-introduce you to her. Kimberly Dawn, ambassador for NAMI and a huge advocate for mental health & raising awareness. NAMI sponsored her last music video release of “The Bottle”. Like most artists, she grew up singing in church and took piano lessons as a child. By the age of 19, she packed up and moved from her family farm in Canada to Los Angeles to pursue music and acting full-time. However, her journey wasn’t in Country at first. When she began, she was focused on singing and writing pop music; but in her heart she always felt like she should be in country music.


“By the time I was 30, I had four little kids. But at 30, I had this ‘aha’ moment. I was somebody before I was married, before I was a mom and I felt like I lost myself along the way. Even though being a mom was something I always wanted, I also came back to ‘Who is Kimberly?’ That is when music crept its way back into my life.”


Growing up on a farm in Alberta, Canada, Kimberly was raised in a very small community with a population of 1000 people. She came from humble beginnings, as her father was a farmer and her mother was a teacher. However, working alongside her parents, she was involved in many of the activities alongside her family and community. One in particular, was participating in the church gospel; mentioning that this is where “[she] fell in love with music.” 


Once in Los Angeles, it was no surprise that she continued in music. And while she was producing under the pop-genre, there was always something within her that was pulling towards Country. 


I actually jumped back into music at 30 following the birth of our fourth child. I knew it was time to continue my passion to create music…… I was living in Los Angeles and working with different producers who were in the pop world. Although I enjoyed pop music, my roots continued to pull me towards country, and it just felt very natural.  About 6 years ago, I made the decision to move exclusively to focus on Country.


But how does she do it all? Balancing her professional life and personal life was certainly a challenge. When we asked her she noted, “It was a lot of balancing my schedule with my family schedule. With the kids being in school and all the extracurricular activities it was a lot for me. If I had rehearsals or a show I was relying on a lot of different people to step in to help with the kids. There’s a lot of mom guilt that comes with that. I’ve always tried to make sure that I was there for the important things. Sometimes I would miss out on a dance show or a baseball game. That was hard. My kids know that mom is a musician and sometimes I am working and I couldn’t be there. I feel like they are understandable most of the time.” Luckily, her family understands her career as well as the steps and hustle it takes to pursue her passion, allowing her to have a strong foundation. 


Although there are many challenges along the way of building a career in music, Dawn has never stopped chasing her dream. She continues to connect with her fans via social media, up to holding live shows virtually through the pandemic and more. Yes, her schedule is extremely packed, but aside from her family being #1, her fans are a strong runner up. From doing instagram lives, and creating youtube series that helps maintain connection, she continues to find new ways to remind them they all matter. 


“[Lives have been a great way to stay connected. It allows my fans] the opportunity of asking questions and winning giveaways.”

Music however, is not the only driving force. The reason we at THE LA FASHION, chose her for this exclusive feature is because of her career, and more importantly, how passion giving back. Giving back is an important and fulfilling aspect of her life. She has donated to several charities such as Cancer Cartel, a non-profit organization focused on supporting people battling cancer, and continued to give back through various initiatives. Like many of us, she has experienced what it means having loved ones be affected by Breast Cancer. 


“Giving back is an important and fulfilling aspect of my life. Over the years, I have been very passionate about devoting my time and supporting several charities.  One of the charities that I hold close and continue to be involved with is Cancer Cartel, a non-profit organization focused on supporting people battling cancer.  


I feel honored to be a part of this editorial.  Most of us have felt the pain of a friend or loved one battling cancer. Two of my closest friends are breast cancer survivors.  Through many nights of prayers and tears, and although I was scared for them, I knew I needed to be strong for them. I am so grateful that both of my friends are in remission and doing well. I am very aware that there are many women that have lost their battle to breast cancer so I know the importance of raising awareness for Breast Cancer because together we can help find a cure.”


Make sure to follow Kimberly through her journey. She has just released her first full-length album called Canyon Road, available on all streaming platforms, as well as available on vinyl. 


@Officialkimberlydawn on Instagram

@Kimberlydawnmusic on Facebook

@Officialkimdawn on Twitter ,Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube




What “must-have” items are in your purse?

“Must haves in my purse are chapstick, pen, essential oils , hand sanitizer, and a protein bar”

Let’s talk about “fashion & beauty” – how do you describe your fashion style?

“I love fashion. I would describe my fashion style as boho chic with a touch of glam.  I love to add hats, belts, and boots to my outfits.”

Do you have a skincare/beauty routine you swear by? 

“Morning and night I wash my face with a mild cleanser and toner. I use a retinol cream in the evenings a few times a week.  I drink a lot of water, which I swear by. I also get monthly facials which is a must.”



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