The only CICA Cushion you need from Precime!

There is a new product in town, and honestly it is one of the daily essentials that we believe you would need. We have spoken several times about this amazing product – Precime’s CICA Cushion Foundation. We have tried it for thirty days, and since then we have fallen in love with the product. Precime’s CICA Cushion Foundation is made for sensitive skin, but honestly it fits all skin types. 

With things slowly opening up in the States, it means that we need SPF more than before. SPF is important because of all of the UV rays that we go through from your computer, to the sun rays for stepping out the house. It is safe to say that SPF is the one step you definitely need in your skincare routine. Precime’s CICA Cushion has SPF 50+ and not only that, it also adds a little pop of color to your face, so you have that smooth silky finish. 

Other than the SPF, we also love a pop of color for our face to just step out of the house. Honestly, with a few dabs, it truly was full coverage. On busy days where you just need a quick dab and ready to go, this is the perfect product you need. It dabs on super soft, as soft as a cloud, and you can layer it. Honestly, a tiny love tap on your face goes a long way! We use it in a subtle way similar to a bb cream, and we can choose whether to layer on or not.

In the times of skinimalism, we truly believe that this CICA Cushion is all we need to protect our skin from the sun. Giving the no makeup look that is currently in or just as part of your morning skincare routine to add SPF, it serves both purposes. Since this cushion’s main ingredient is Cica, the product attacks factors such as redness and stress in skin. Cica can help all skincare types, especially those who have sensitive skin to help bring that beautiful pop of color back on the face. 

After a full day of using Precime’s CICA Cushion, my face feels cleaner and better than before. Slowly incorporating it in your morning skincare regimen, helping you get used to the way it feels on your skin. It is amazing how a small amount of product can go such a long way. They are now offering international shipping, so make sure to grab one as soon as you can! 



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