“ After Everything Collapsed,… ” — Peeking Through Fingers.


Since the pandemic outbreak happened, the fashion industry has been deeply affected.  We have been facing a huge change beyond our imagination. Perhaps, it is leading us  towards the end of an old era and also a new start. How do we remember this? And  where shall we go now?  

People consider sustainable development as their guide light, although this issue has  already been raised in these years and is nothing new anymore. But while most of brands consider sustainable fashion as a new way out for the fashion  industry, less people examine the environmental impact caused by this fashion supply  chain. Slowing down fast fashion supply chain and manufacturing volumes toward a long-life,  durable garments— fashion couture, may be a feasible alternative that can provide new  way out to fashion future.  

Yet, the meaning of sustainability isn’t limited to environmental issues. A great piece of garment provides us not only aesthetics but comfort and high  practicability. Thus, Gh wants its design to become a long-life product not just only for  runway show or performance wear. You can walk out from the red carpet or runway to the  dinner party directly.  

“ Never Too Much; Never Too Casual ” 

Gh considers the quality and value customers’ wearing experiences in the first instance, by  constantly thinking how to make its design unique and diverse that may flatter wearer’s  various styles and match different occasions.  What Gh really wants to do is to create something that can reflect the development and  cultural characteristics of contemporary fashion vision instead of creating over  exaggerated clothing to please public with claptrap. Its inspiration is derived from the environment, culture, art and also people who come to  Gh to make their own custom garments. “ Our customers’ idea and desire are like a piece  of puzzle, leading us to assemble them together to complete our story.” Rachel C. said.  (Co-Founder) 

Lingerie as Outerwear: 

Just like the 5th collection, ‘Redefinition of Lingerie’, Gh used its core concept ‘ Lingerie as  Outerwear’ as the starting point for design and aimed to question the boundary between  lingerie and outerwear. ‘Sexual equality’, ‘gender’, and ‘body friendly’ are Gh’s core values. In fact, that the duo  designers, Gale H. and Rachel C. chose to use GH as the brand name has already given  us some clues. Gh means “Get Her, Get Hon and Get Hen.” Especially, ‘Hen’ is Swedish  for neutral gender. 

This is not just a slogan. They put this idea into practice in design and brand spirit.  

After establishing its initial brand positioning in 2017, Gh strengthened the concept of  “Lingerie as Outerwear” to another level in the 6th collection. Gale and Rachel used  different tones of black colour as its consistency throughout the whole collection, so people  could focus on its playful pattern details and silhouettes. 

And the 7th collection is named ‘Peeking Through Fingers’ to remember a time we were  suffering in the past year, 2020. 

“ Peeking through fingers is to describe a feeling that we are like stuck inside of our home  because of this unknown storm. And you want to see what is going on outside but you  don’t dare to see it. So all you can do is to peek things through your fingers or bury your  face into palms so that you can’t see things too clearly. In this way, when different shades  of light goes through your fingers and comes into view, all things we can see become like a  kaleidoscope. And this is why we attempt to use bright and bold colours in this collection.  Because it has been a long wait and suffering. We are not ready to look back all these  things and we are still experiencing. ” Rachel said. 

Perhaps, what is not mentioned under this collection is about patiently waiting for hope. After experiencing all these things, this also allows us to rethink what people really need  from fashion and our lives. 

Reference:  ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Lingerie as Outerwear’ are from Gh WordPress. 



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