The Five Keys to Remote Business Success Every Founder Needs to Know in 2021 from Founder of Progressive Tech Richard Roth

The pioneering leader of Seattle’s highest rated IT support team offers the essential tips and vital resources necessary to create remote work momentum in the new year. 

SEATTLE, WA. Set yourself up for a prosperous 2021 with pro tips for remote success from Progressive Tech, Seattle’s highest rated IT support team. The rapid and constant economic changes of 2020 prompted many business owners to rethink their strategies for the new year. Widespread pandemic closures and isolation measures forced companies of all sizes to establish an online presence just to survive. A remote business structure is no longer simply one option among many – it is absolutely essential to success! In this shifting climate, Progressive Tech Founder, Richard Roth lays out the expert blueprint for creating a streamlined online business model built for thriving performance.

“Most people hear ‘IT support’ and think ‘major headache,’ and for good reason,” explains Roth, “A lot of tech companies out there play ‘pass-the-buck’ with client issues, giving them the runaround or using confusing ‘tech speak’ when customers need tangible, right-now solutions.” 

In fact, Roth founded Progressive Tech to offer a better approach: a team of real people locally based in Seattle, and ready to find real solutions to every tech problem from start to finish – no matter how complex. This season, in preparation for a successful new year, Roth provides five tips that entrepreneurs can use right now to build  momentum for 2021:

  1. Use best security measures across the board. You’re only as secure as your weakest technology/at-home user. Use multi factor security measures wherever possible. Consult with a company like Progressive Tech to make sure all hardware/software are up-to-date and that employees are following security best practices.
  2. Expect problems and accidents. Even large companies with million dollar IT budgets fall victim to hacking. Using technology is a bit like driving a truck on the highway, maintenance is a necessity for safety. Make sure computers and devices – many of which are designed to last just 3 to 5 years – are updated with the most recent security and stability updates.
  3. Brush up on phishing tactics and false “impersonation.” The majority of today’s threats come from hackers tricking users into clicking on fake websites or email links in order to extract information and gain system access. Scammers will even pretend to be someone you know.  Make sure you and your team are informed and prepared to recognize such attempts.
  4. “Free WiFi” isn’t truly free. Using an unsecured public WiFi connection enables hackers to position themselves between you and the connection point, gaining access to your information or distributing malware. Consider using a private hotspot, or find a trustworthy location with WiFi secured by a strong password.
  5. Maintenance matters.  It is critical to have a plan in place for regular system maintenance and user support, not just automatic updates and hope. Unmaintained systems leave open the potential for malicious access to your data and devices. Consider an IT support plan with at least quarterly systems assessments and live on-demand user assistance.

Experience the difference of relying on Progressive Tech, a tech support team committed to providing real value and creating positive community impact. Get expert help creating a stable, secure, and highly functional IT environment. Visit to explore a full suite of support services, including business IT consulting, workstation/networking support, and data recovery/repairs/upgrades. Call 206-525-8324 to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss a customized solution tailored to your specific business needs. 


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