How to Bring a Little Joy into Your Quarantine Lifestyle

It’s hard to believe that for many people quarantine and social distancing have been going on for almost a year now. Even if you haven’t dealt with a lockdown, there is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your lifestyle in terms of work, socializing, traveling, and recreational activities. So, with all the negatives, it can sometimes be hard to find the positives, those little joys in life. Not to worry as we’ve put together some simple ways that you can bring some joy into your quarantine lifestyle, and enjoy a smile or two.

Head Outdoors and Get Active

One of the best ways to improve your mood is to get active and there’s no better place to do that than the great outdoors. Whether you live in an urban or rural environment, it’s important to find ways that you can head outside, embark in an activity, and get a healthy dose of fresh air. 

Some of the best outdoor activities that will boost your energy level and your spirits are walking, hiking, biking, and swimming. You can go about the activities at your own pace, and just really savor the moment.

Get Expressive with Your Wardrobe Choices

Because we all know that laughter is the best medicine, why not get expressive and put a smile on your face as well as others with your wardrobe choices? Something like a pair of funny socks, a t-shirt with a hilarious saying, or even a cheeky hat can all go far in terms of getting a laugh. What’s the trendiest and most fashionable item of the moment doesn’t always have to be the styles you sport.

Zoom – It’s Not too Late to See What All the Fuss is About

You are probably well aware of how big Zoom has been in the past year, allowing people to have virtual gatherings no matter where they are. If you’ve held off until now, figuring it’s “not for you”, it may be worth your time to just give it a try. Sure, it’s not at all the same as in-person social gatherings, but it can still be plenty of fun and bring some joy into your day. 

The great thing about Zoom is that you can get together with people all over the country, or the world, at once. Go ahead and have that family or friend reunion.

Find a New Hobby to Explore

Hobbies are another fabulous thing to embrace during quarantine. They can help you to relax, push stress and anxiety aside, and provide you with a sense of accomplishment and joy. Rather than picking a hobby you are already familiar with, try stepping outside your comfort zone and giving a new one a try.

It’s the Small Joys that Will Have an Impact

The fact is that this has been a difficult year for most people, and while things aren’t able to be “normal” yet there are definitely ways you can revel in joy even in quarantine.


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