Quench Your Quarantine Thirst With These LA Fashion Picks!

What are the girls at LA Fashion sippin on? We’re sharing our top refreshing drinks that are quenching our thirst during quarantine!

If you’re into cute dogs on cans & sparkling water then this one’s right up your alley. Introducing Frenchie Premium Hydration. Sticking to health goals while staying hydrated tastes better than ever! Frenchie is a citrus flavored lightly sparkling premium hydration drink! It contains optimal amounts of potassium, glucose and sodium to ensure maximum rapid hydration. Thanks to a clinical formula, Frenchie not only maximizes your rate of rehydration, but also allows you to make the most of the water you consume.

Drinking your antioxidants is easier and tastier than ever.  KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea is the “super-tea” containing more potent antioxidants than green or black varieties. Purple tea leaves don’t just grow anywhere. They’re cultivated and farmed among the high mountain peaks in Kenya. Here the combination of the intense African sun and high altitude air lets UV rays penetrate tea leaves resulting in vibrant color and powerful antioxidants.

Of course we had to include our favorite Kombucha! Health-Ade Kombucha has the best tasting Kombucha flavors: Bubbly Rose, Ginger-Lemon, Pink Lady Apple, and Pomegranate. Kombucha contains healthy acids and living probiotics that are important in maintaining a healthy gut. This has definitely been one of our go to’s for suppressing those soda or juice cravings!

CBD has taken over our skincare products but it also has been infusing our drinks. Recess is the latest New York brand keeping millennials at ease. The simple and chic CBD drink works to calm anxiety, ease stress, brighten mood, and enhance memory. Yummy flavors include: Pomegranate Hibiscus, Peach Ginger and Blackberry Chai.


At a time where staying healthy has never been so important, everyone’s water could use this upgrade. Rose water has many benefits including improving skin appearance, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting better sleep. H2rOse wants to promote a healthy lifestyle during these tough times by encouraging everyone to drink more rose water and the best part—it ships straight to your door!


If you thought we weren’t going to include something bubbly and alcoholic, then you were wrong. We can all agree that we’ve been sipping on a glass of wine or two every other night but Bollicini makes it easy to get a can and chill! Convenient, portable, single-serve & easier to chill than bottles. Bollicini wines come in three different flavors: Sparkling Cuvee, Sparkling Rose, and Lambrusco. You can pair these with salads, fruits, desserts, or steak dinner. Be Cantastic!

We hope you choose to stay healthy and hydrated during quarantine. Let’s continue to stay home, social distance and stay calm.


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