A Little Quarantine Fashion Advice During This Time by Designer Jonathan Marc Stein

Who would have imagined that we’d all be spending so much time at home in an effort to stay safe and healthy? In recent weeks, your most exciting outing might possibly have been a “stroll-cation” from your bedroom to your family room or even your front porch to check out the weather. When your most exciting activity is moving to a different room in your house or for those super-bold individuals…taking your pet for a walk outside, it’s easy to lose our sense of fashion and your motivation to dress chic when your most interesting trip is a quick visit to the grocery store. For most people comfort becomes their top priority when choosing what to wear. With just a bit more thought in selecting at-home clothing, you can still feel comfy but also add a bit of style. Making the effort to look cute and put together can actually improve your mood and bring a sense of normalcy and stability no matter what you are faced with in a given day.

For many of us, our go-to is leggings, sweats, and hoodies or t-shirts. Designer Jonathan Marc Stein says, “Why not consider taking it up a notch?” Whether you select knit joggers with a crop top, a t-shirt dress, stretchy jumpsuit, etc., choose something that suits your personal style. Instead of always reaching for your comfy oversized hoodie, consider a more stylish flowy top or oversized sweater. The idea is to pick one article of clothing that’s super cozy, and then pair that piece with other items that are more sleek and flattering. In general, selecting pieces that retain their shape is a good option (like knits) so that your clothing creates a slimming look that flatters every body type. Matching sets offer a nice alternative as they provide versatility when worn together or when mix-and-matching with your everyday favorites. Don’t completely write-off jeans as an option! Loose fit high-waisted or even stretch jeans can give you that oomph you’ve been yearning for. Not only will this give you a nice streamlined look, think how great you will feel that despite days at home week on week…they still fit!

Also, think color! Bright bold tones may improve your mood and entice you to change up your routine while quarantined. What better to improve your mood than adding a sunny yellow, bright pink, or a warm blue element to your outfit selection.

For those all-important outings to the grocery store or for a walk to get some fresh air, don’t forget to accessorize! Consider a colorful textured or a luxurious silk scarf, a unique belt, or a quick stacking of some metallic bracelets. A comfortable yet sassy footwear selection and your favorite edgy sunglasses can be the perfect item to tie together your total look. For those not wanting to spend time styling hair, why not add an eye-catching hat?

We all know how hard this transition has been on all of us. Many of us are stuck and working from home! There’s always a trick up my sleeve that even you would be willing to try. Video meetings have inundated my schedule and it may have for you as well! Why not dress up literally! From the waist up, stylize yourself! Pair your chic work look tops with some comfy leggings or even shorts! Even I have caught myself doing this! It’s a great way to stay comfy but find a way back to normal for when we all transition back to our past lives!

Think comfy yet chic and fashion-forward, and you are sure to turn heads, even if it’s your own.

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