Fashion Photography: Photo Editing Tips for Fashion Bloggers

You take pride in every word that appears on your fashion blog’s page. After all, you want your blog to connect with the hearts of the masses. At the same time, you realize that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The question is, are your pictures living up to this standard? If not, how can you get them to make your readers go “wow” each time they peruse your site for fashion ideas?

If you’re running a fashion blog, you need well-curated photos to match your style and vibe. Here’s a rundown on expert photo editing tips for today’s avid fashion bloggers.

Let’s jump in!

Photo Editing Tips Including Using Layer Masks in Your Photo Editing

Learning layer masks is critical, as this will allow you to edit, tone, and dodge and burn various parts of an image.

The truth is, when you are editing or toning images, sometimes you don’t want your effects to be global. Fortunately, with layer masks, you can easily change hues on certain parts of the body. You can also tone your image background differently from your subject as needed.

Change a White and Black Layer to Soft Light

This technique can work wonders for your images when you’re editing photos.

You simply need to open a white and black layer, then make soft light your blending mode using your photo editor.

Doing this will make your photo appear to have too much contrast. However, you can make your image opacity anywhere between 20% and 60%. This will give your image a commercial and sharp look. 

The blending mode technique will also allow you to control each color’s luminance with sliders on your white and black layer. Adjusting your yellow and red hues will produce some truly lovely skin tones.

Take Advantage of a Healing Brush When Editing Photos

This photo editing tool is great for removing background distractions from your image. You can also use this tool to remove skin inconsistencies on your subjects, as well as pimples.

The healing brush tool can easily be used on photos ranging from sport shots to landscapes. 

This tool can make a huge difference in your photos by making your images pop for all the right reasons. 

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