An Interview with Stephany Sensi of Sensi Studio!

Sensi Studio is the beautiful brainchild of designer, Stephany Sensi and with features in Vogue, Cosmo, DailyMail and more, and seen on famous faces worldwide, Sensi Studio’s range of RTW dresses, straw hats and bags are a hit among fashion’s elite and seen on chic-chicas everywhere!

All the Sensi Studio products are developed in Ecuador-and all hats and bags are hand-woven by woman artisans in the Andes Mountain region, “Our main goal in the elaboration of these products is to give creative work opportunities for the artisans, where they can show off their craft and abilities and at the same time we are help maintain the millenary craft of weaving Toquilla Straw,” says Stepahny.

Developed by Sensi in 2010, Sensi Studio began with hats and handwoven bags and accessories, further expanding into RTW dresses  in 2014. LAFM sat down with Stephany Sensi to learn more about the designer and her eponymous brand! Check out the interview below!

LAFM: Stephany, your clothes are beautiful and unique, can you tell us what goes into the design process of making each Sensi Studio piece?

Stephany Sensi: For me, the creative and design part of my work is my favorite. I allow our skilled artisans to do what they do best, and then we push the finished product in a different direction with our aesthetic. Each collection is inspired by different themes, and we try to make each collection within our brands DNA, giving it a twist each time! Our Panama hats and straw bags are all entirely made by hand, so of course we need to respect this process and then elaborate on that! The ready-to-wear collection is a completion of the Sensi Studio look. The mood is always about having an endless summer, and the Sensi Studio girl is season-less and has a personal style that evokes the freedom of this!


LAFM: We love that everything is hand-made and hand-woven, empowering women to develop skills in the Andean region. Can you expand on the importance of this choice? And also tell s what led you to working in Ecuador?

Stephany Sensi: I’m originally from Ecuador, so I wanted to show that work can be done in Ecuador when I started the brand. For me, it’s very important to stay true to this. Panama hats originated from there, and since I started the brand we have always made everything locally. Giving fair work to our female artisans, staying local and continuing the millinery basket and hat-weaving craft are all essential to me and the brand.

LAFM: Can you tell us about your inspiration in your designs? Especially your latest collection?!?

Stephany Sensi: The FW 19 Collection was inspired with a ‘Montana State of Mind.’ Displaying a Northwestern style with 80’s Parisian extravagance, it’s fearlessly chic with a metropolitan attitude. The final products display gemstone colors tied together with a mountain-ranger aesthetic!

LAFM: For those our there looking to go into designing, can you tell us what has been your greatest achievement and greatest struggle as a designer?

Stephany Sensi: My greatest achievement was to start my line, and to be able to have it going and have it relevant for 8 years now. The struggle is always to keep your collections fresh, and to stay true to your core philosophy during these fast changing times!

LAFM: And lastly, what can we expect from Sensi Studio in the next year to 5 years?

Stephany Sensi: I hope we will have our swimwear line ready and I also hope we can open some shops in key resort locations!

To check out more of Stephany Sensi’s amazing pieces and #getshopping, go to the link here!



River Callaway

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