Sebastien Tardif of Veil Cosmetics on His Inspired Natural Makeup Line

By: Kate Harveston

Women and men alike employ cosmetics to improve skin tone and to enhance their natural appearance. But few people nowadays enjoy looking like they spend an hour or more per day staring into the mirror. Enter Veil Cosmetics, a line of light-as-air makeup designed by master makeup artist Sebastien Tardif.

Tardif, who possesses a proven track record of 22 years as a makeup artist, launched the line in September of 2012 and has enjoyed considerable success despite the usual challenges associated with starting a new business. Tardif’s passion for creating products unique to his vision along with his partnership with those who share his outlook kept him going through difficult times. When asked if he ever thought of giving up, Tardif replied:

“Honestly, that never crossed my mind. I am too passionate and dedicated to what I do to ever think of stopping something without seeing it through. That said, building a business is not always smooth sailing. We have certainly faced challenges and constantly have to adapt in this very competitive field, and learning from these challenges is what makes the brand grow and thrive.”

Tardif cites multiple inspirations from successful individuals within and without the cosmetic industry. While his style mirrors his own individual tastes, he welcomes new ideas on how to improve. As he constantly strives to better his line, Tardif believes he may never experience a specific “I made it” moment, but hopes to reflect on his career proudly from his deathbed.

In terms of advertising, Tardif says he struggles the most to keep up withdigital marketing trends. According to him, “Everyday is a challenge to remain relevant and keep moving with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. But I must say that social media has completely changed how we think and present our branding, and the moment you feel like you understand how it works, algorithms change and throw everything upside down. Frustrating to say the least.”

Tardif has centered his cosmetic line around becoming an antidote to the heavy, artificial cover-up cosmetics clogging the market. His line offers makeup that feels light and looks effortless.

“Veil always strives to offer superior textures that make your skin feel comfortable, and ultimately, it’s not even makeup you are wearing, it is a weightless veil. Women and men of any age, lifestyle or career profile want to look fresh and healthy, and using Veil Cosmetics will have people tell you, ‘you look refreshed’ or ‘your skin looks great,’ as opposed to, ‘your makeup looks nice’.”

While his future plans for his company have yet to be set in stone, Tardif does promise that a wider range of colors will be available soon. While the line currently focuses upon products to conceal imperfections and brighten skin tones, the line may expand in the future to include natural-toned lipsticks and eye shades.

When it comes to inspiring others, Tardif advises people to choose a profession that engages their passions if they expect to launch a successful business venture. “If you are not passionate about what you do, forget it. You have to have a 360-degree vision in order to run a successful business, which gets very tiring, and passion sees you through your biggest challenges.”

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