REVOLVE Social Club celebrates Mother’s Day

Revolve Social Club, the sophisticated invite-only Melrose lounge held its first ‘Dear Mama’ event, in collaboration with 4 Hunnid, YG, and Felicia La Tour Friday night, celebrating all the powerful Mother’s out there! Each guest was greeted with a red rose and a choice of delicious cocktails, DJ Vision spun tracks as we overlooked West Hollywood, and fashionable women of all backgrounds were in attendance-mothers, models, make-up artists and more!

Renowned makeup artist and mother of 2 Felicia La Tour hosted the panel of 4, including model and mother of 2 Tyrie Rudolph, talk show host, celebrity blogger and also a mother of 2 Diana Madison, actress, and mother of 2 Lauren London, and professional dancer and mother of 7, Olya Hill. Being a mom and also continuing a creative career can be tough, but these mommas proved that while the day to day of taking care of kids while also pursuing your dreams can be tough, they’ve also learned to be powerful, be sexy, and be the #GirlBosses they know they can be!

Revolve presents Dear Mama Event at Revolve Social Club with from left to right: Felicia La Tour, Lauren London, Diana Madison, Tyrie Rudolph and Olya Hill

“People think we can’t be cute and sexy, but I’m over here thinking that I’ve more powerful, sexier with my kids by my side!” says Lauren London, speaking on to what some of the biggest misconceptions about being a mother are. Some Mothers may only get the credit they deserve on Mother’s Day, so YG, 4 Hunnid, and Revolve celebrated in a big way because, “Moms are superheroes that can conquer all, we’re all women sitting here before you who are full-time moms but with full-time dreams, goals, and careers” says Diana Madison, who continues by saying “when I had my first daughter things really started happening for me!”

Revolve presents Dear Mama Event at Revolve Social Club

On the subject of mental health and postpartum depression, of which Felicia La Tour, who suffered herself from severe postpartum depression, the panelists explained a few things that keep them mentally well:

“To sit at home and be silent is very important, I’m not just all mother all the time, otherwise you’re serving an empty cup, you gotta take time for yourself,” says Lauren London


Revolve presents Dear Mama Event at Revolve Social Club


“I’m thankful that we live in a time where you don’t have to choose between being a stay at home mom and living your life-you can still go out there and get it when you have kids! Some people still see women in a certain way, so I feel good knowing I can balance it” says Tyrie Rudolph

Being a mom can be challenging, exhausting, and wonderful, but these women prove just how rewarding it can also be. Taking time for yourself, communicating with others when you need help, and make light of the little things are just some of the ways these outstanding mothers have managed to #doitall. So this Mother’s Day, remember to call your mom, give yourself a pat on the back if you’re a mom, and if you’re a mom to be…just remember to breathe and every once in a while trying to take some time for yourself!

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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