A Sweet Sit-Down with Sugarfina

Photo Credit: Leslie Rodriguez

Sugarfina hosted another deliciously sweet launch party for the Sugarfina x Corona Light collaboration at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood Tuesday night, and it was just as expected: Sweet & Sassy!  The luxury candy brand catered toward adults served up some ice-cold Cervezas and some beer-infused cocktails, as a chip & guac station served some spicy flavors, and waiters passed out some extra sweet churros! All this was topped off with the prize of the night: samples of the gummy flavored candy in the shapes of Cerveza bottles and lime wedges!

Photo Credit: Leslie Rodriguez


The LA Fashion Mag sat down with co-founder Josh Resnick to hear more about the start of the company, the amazing collabs they continue to do, and which Sugarfina Sweets are best! Check it out!

LAFM: Can you tell us about the start of Sugarfina?

Josh: I took my now partner of Sugarfina and fiance Rosie to see Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory on our third date, and we came out of there thinking-why aren’t there really fun candy concepts for adults out there? It’s all for kids and when you go into any candy store you’re usually shuffling it into a bag or something. So we did a lot of traveling together and went around the world trying different candies, that’s when we really started dreaming about what we could create. It took us a few years to flush out the full concept, but once we did it really came together very well so we quit our day jobs and here we are today! I came from video game developing and Rosie was the Head of Marketing at Barbie, yet we both really really love candy so it became a company we love to work toward each day!

                              “We love helping adults feel like kids again!” 

LAFM: Was a collaboration with Cerveza something you always wanted to do?

Josh: Yes, I’m really excited to celebrate this event, because Cerveza is my go-to summer drink, so any chance I get to start summer earlier is good to me! We’ve been working on this for the last couple of months, and the team and staff are so great to work with, I really think it’s a nice pairing for candy.

Photo Credit: Leslie Rodriguez. Veena Crownholm and Erin Ziering attend the Sugarfina x Cerveza launch party at the Skybar at Mondrian on Tuesday night.


LAFM: Josh can you tell us what’s your favorite candy??

Josh: I’d have to say the Pink Flamingos-that grapefruit flavor is my favorite, it’s so light and crisp! I’d also have to say the Scotch cordials are absolutely delicious. Haha but being here tonight I’m rediscovering how much I love the sour taste of the lime wedges. I really used to be a chocolate person and now I truly identify as a gummy person with all the different candies we have here.



LAFM: Can you tell us about the collaborations you’ve done in the past?

Josh: Sure, we’ve gotten to do some really exciting ones like a collaboration with photographer Gray Malin, the vodka company Tito’s, the tequila company Casamigos, Pressed Juicery and our first big sell-out was our collab with Whispering Angel. We’re always excited to evolve as a company and are always really excited to work with different brands.

LAFM: Where do you and Rosie get your inspiration to develop each candy from?

Josh: Well Rosie really keeps everything trending, she keeps up with everything going on on social media. We’re also really inspired to help out Heal the Bay, a nonprofit that literally helps to heal the ocean, so we did a whale candy and gave 100% of the profits to their campaign which was awesome. It’s always amazing to develop something with brands and with organizations!


Photo Credit: Leslie Rodriguez. Celine Linarte attends the Sugarfina x Cerveza launch party at the Skybar at Mondrian on Tuesday night


LAFM: And lastly, what is the future for Sugarfina? More collaborations?

Josh: I have to keep hush hush, but let’s just say there are some very very exciting things to come!

       Our sweet tooth is calling! Sugarfina spreads the sweetness, not just in delicate little candy boxes, but to their community, and all of us at LAFM can agree that we’re on board! #LAFMApproved #SpreadtheSweetness


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