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Whether you’re in Park City for Sundance, or you’re an LA local, if you’re feeling over-stressed and under relaxed, The Zen Den is the place to go! With pop-ups at Sundance, Cannes, and many more events, Zen Den run by Skye Kelly, can provide you with exactly what everyone needs: a session of a swedish massage, reiki, cranio-sacral massage, polarity energy healing, zero balancing, private yoga or tai chi. Luckily, before I left Park City for Sudnance 2018, I was able to sit down and chat with Skye Kelly about The Zen Den, her non-profit Heal One World, and about the treatment I was about to receive: the coveted cranio-sacral massage!

Creator of Heal One World & The Zen Den, Skye Kelly

LAFM: Skye, can you tell me all about the creation of the Zen Den-the relaxation studio in association with your non-profit Heal One World, how did it all begin?

 Skye Kelly: Heal One World is purely health based, it all began for me when I was injured in a car accident at 19, and I was completely disabled on one side of my body. I got surgeries, which didn’t help me that much, so I found therapists that do what I do now. It changed and saved my life, so I basically searched it out and it was incredibly expensive, I had to barter with people to get the price lowered so I could receive the treatment I needed. After multiple different treatments I was almost completely healed without any additional surgery or full on medication. I had made a promise to myself, that one day if no one had started something offering the things that changed my life for free or at a heavily discounted rate, I would do it, so that’s how it all began!

LAFM: Can you tell me about the type of people that come in for treatment? Do they know they need the treatment?

Skye Kelly: Sometimes, but mostly people come in with injuries and they know the previous steps they’ve taken to solve them aren’t working. They have chronic pain, are not able to work regularly, young people who have been involved in different accidents and much more. We work with the Venice Family Clinic, the largest free clinic in the country and I treat patients there, people always feel better and I love providing a service to help people get through the type of pain I was accustomed to before I got these treatments done years ago!

Skye Kelly performing the cranio-sacral massage at Sundance 2018

LAFM: What would you tell people who think their only option to end their pain is a really intense surgery or a life on medication?

Skye Kelly: I tell them my story, I just wanted to be fixed, and there’s no quick fix. There’s a temporary fix for the pain, but that’s short term, you’re not fixing the problem. You have to invest in your well-being, you have to address the core problems. Once you’re ready to invest in yourself and try these, we’re here to help.

LAFM: Can you tell me about the cranio-sacral massage you’re going to be performing on me today? What it’s for and how it helps?

Skye Kelly: It’s an osteopathic technique, and osteopathy believes that the body heals itself, so with cranio-sacral, I’m tuning into the cranio-sacral rhythm and working the spine and the certain spinal fluid and releasing the fascia. It’s really suttle, I’m inviting the body to release stuff, so it feels safe, it feels my energy and I follow it to release. It’s really different from a traditional massage because traditional massage is working the muscles, it’s not working the fascia or any of the other systems. You should feel lighter, like you have more space in your body, in your neck and in your tail-bone, it triggers energy release.

Skye Kelly performing the cranio-sacral massage at Sundance 2018

LAFM: Skye, can you tell me about the additional services and classes you offer in the LA area?

Skye Kelly: We got the studio in LA in 2010, and we’ve been going really strong ever since. We do about 3 yoga classes a day, tai chi, and I mentor other healers who give free and donation treatments. We also just expanded to Fresno as well!

LAFM: Why do you feel it’s important to have The Zen Den pop-up at Sundance Film Festival?

Skye Kelly: It’s really the need, it’s so needed-especially the opening weekend, it’s just intense on people, intense on people’s bodies. I wanted to give people an opportunity to relax and reset in this cold weather!

LAFM: Lastly, what do you see as the future of Heal One World and The Zen Den?

Skye Kelly: We have a festival in October, the Awareness Festival-which is a movie festival where we show almost 200 films. We get filmmakers from all over the world come to show their films and be on panels, and we have a pop-up of the Zen Den there. We’re in the process of developing partnerships to expand Zen Den and Heal One World even further!

Whatever your budget, the Zen Den is a one-of-a-kind treatment facility that offers treatment on a sliding scale, and after experiencing the amazing cranio-sacral massage, I’ll be back to try all the other services they offer!

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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