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With a vision to inspire, while providing quality and integrity, BELIZE IN YOU is poised to make a significant impact in the beauty industry, while still creating opportunities of growth in Belize. One of the driving forces behind Belize In You is the Blissful Sage Foundation, which funds the very first cancer hospice in Belize. Five dollars is donated from every purchase made on the Belize In You website.

The LA Fashion Magazine was fortunate enough to chat with Raquel Battle and discover her brand in details for our readers. Belize In You is on it’s way to pioneering the way as a sustainable, giving back brand, all whilst still offering it’s consumers natural quality skincare products.


Raquel Battle is a woman on a mission, journeying to the US from Belize with her “Sea-to-Face” skincare brand. As the daughter of a Belizean fisherman, Raquel wanted to remain true to the sea, while also giving back to her community in a major way.

Raquel refers to herself as “a child of the sea” and has dedicated herself to creating and refining a product line that utilizes the healing benefits of seaweed.


Your top 5 beauty tips for the upcoming summer time? 

 “Summers are often hot and humid in many parts of the country. My top 5 beauty tips include: Drinking lots of water, eat (5) servings of fruits and vegetables daily, use sunscreen daily, take a spritz bottle of water or Belize in you Marine Mineral Skin Toner to refresh your skin. Lastly, use a gentle moisturizer on your skin.”

What is the most important thing one can do for their skin?

“One of the most important things a person can do for their skin is to establish daily habits of drinking a substantial about of water. A good rule of thumb is the 8X8 rule. That is 8 glasses X 8 ounces daily. This seemingly simple beauty regimen is the most cost effective beauty regimen, and it prepares one’s skin from the inside out to absorb the full benefit of beauty products when applied externally.”

It seems like your line is highly inspired by the nature, ocean in particular…is there a story behind?

“Yes, I grew up on a Peninsula in Belize, Central America where my dad was a fisherman. The sea was the heart and soul of our daily life and Summers were spent on our family island of Buttonwood Caye swimming, fishing and spending quality time. The benefits of all aspects of the sea were engrained in me from a young age. Caribbean seaweeds such as gracilaria and eucheuma have long been a delicacy and also well known as an aphrodisiac. When the impact of the tourism industry transformed our fishing community, former fisherfolk trained to become seaweed farmers through the fishing cooperative of which my dad was a founding member. The farmers needed value added products to expand the market, and it was then that I initially embarked on my entrepreneurial project making seaweed soaps. I later diversified our Marine Skin and Body Care beauty brand, using seaweeds from the Caribbean Sea as well as the Atlantic and Pacific oceans into our line of skincare products.”

Personally, I enjoy using Rooibos Tea Antioxidant Serum. It’s fantastic for the sensitive skin! Tell us more about its wonders?

“Our Rooibos Tea Serum was formulated with the vision to maintain youthful skin in both women and men. Oxidization is the Nemesis of youthful skin. It forms free radicals which can damage skin cells. With time, the skin takes on an aged appearance. The Rooibos tea serum delivers anti oxidants to the skin resulting in delaying the aging process and acts as a defense against oxidization. The hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin keeping it hydrated. Hydration plumps the skin giving it a more youthful appearance.”

What makes your products different from the rest of the market?

“There are many excellent products on the market. Therefore, it is important to provide quality products with proven results. Our products yield positive results!!! Additionally, at Belize in You, we believe that it is equally important to give back to our community. With the purchase of each product, we donate to the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice in Belize. Our customers are individuals who appreciate the dual impact of their purchases, knowing they are contributing to positive social change. They know that purchasing our gentle cleansing, calming, nourishing skincare products, extend beyond their personal benefit. The effect is threefold. With their purchase they know that their purchases: 1) Provide financial support to the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice program in Belize. 2) Expand conservation zones in the Caribbean 3) Provides jobs in Belize.”

What can you tell us about the Hydro Bliss Thirsty Skin Elixir?

“The Hydro Bliss Thirsty Skin Elixir is the secret weapon to achieve maximum hydration. This product is formulated with hyaluronic acid, derived from the first press of olives. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated and younger looking. Using our Hydro Bliss Thirsty Skin Elixir works while you rest. It is a non-greasy formula used as a facial therapy at night. This product quenches the skin and fills fine lines resulting in a more youthful appearance. I highly recommend this product. Also, note that hyaluronic acid is also used in our Rooibos Tea Serum to deliver antioxidants to the skin.”

What products are best for people who deal with acne? 

“While Belize In You does not carry medical grade products, keeping the skin clean and hydrated is important in maintaining healthy skin. The Rooibos Tea Serum hydrates the skin and also fades dark spots. Our serum’s antioxidants and nourishment helps with soothing irritated skin and provides gradual fading of dark spots resulting from acne prone skin. Finally, proper hydration is the key to a sustainable beauty regimen.”


Belize in You (BIY) continues to support cancer patients in Belize and the building of the first hospice home in the country – The Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice. For each soap and skincare product that you purchase, BIY donates $1 to the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice building project in Belize.

For more information on Belize In You click HERE 

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