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Managing kids is one thing, managing their hair is another. Tangles, frizzies, flakiness, bedhead, lice – the challenges of kids’ hair have finally met their match. Parents now have a healthy go-to that gets the job done fast. Clean, non-toxic formulas that deliver great results every time: SoCozy.
If you bottle over 22 years of experience and expertise about kids’ hair, you’ve got the SoCozy line of products created by Cozy Friedman, the woman who founded the first children’s hair salons in New York City. Before buzzwords like parabens and phthalates, Cozy adopted a higher standard for her products that relies on quality and integrity, not chemicals and preservatives. Today, that standard is a promise: “no nasties—ever,” and that means peace of mind.
SoCozy is So Smart, So Safe, So Easy and So Cool:

So Smart: Genius is more like it. SoCozy believes knowledge is power, which is why education is at its core—the pulse of the brand—so you’ll always find the latest advice, solutions, tips, and trends.
So Safe: No nasties in here; just good, clean, honest formulations with ingredients that perform at the highest level. SoCozy is always safe and effective, and completely non-toxic.
So Easy: Because being a parent isn’t always easy, SoCozy makes hair care that is. These simple, fun, multi-functional products streamline tub time to make styling a snap.
So Cool: Take a strand. SoCozy encourages and supports individuality. For all kids and any hair type—SoCozy’s mission is to build confidence and inspire originality.

• Non-toxic
• No Parabens
• No Sulfates
• No Phthalates
• No Synthetic Color
• No Propylene Glycol
• Free of Gluten, Wheat and Nuts.

Our team had an opportunity to chat with SoCozy’s team and this is how the conversation went down.

3 in 1

92% of products in the baby aisle contain at-least 1 irritating ingredient, even those products that claim to be for sensitive skin. Was this part of the initial motivation to start the line and change standards of what’s considered “kid-friendly”?
“Our founder Cozy Friedman is all about identifying problems and solving them. From opening the first children’s hair salon in New York City twenty two years ago, to her bestselling book Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair, to every single bottle of our shampoo, detangler, or styler – it all began with the same formula: listening, researching, committing to excellence, and creating something that makes being a parent just a little bit easier. She’s always seen the white space in the market and filled the need – so what started as an innovative idea for a kids salon has grown into a nationally-recognized SoCozy brand of salon-quality hair care products developed specifically for kids’ with clean formulas that work. Just like the rest of our products, Hush was born in the salon from a need from parents that Cozy was hearing about – sensitive skin and scalp. When the Hush collection was in it’s infancy, we conducted a survey of moms across the country and we learned that there was a large disconnect between the significant amount of moms who expected safe and gentle ingredients in the products they choose for their little ones and the huge number of products in the baby aisle that contain at least one irritating ingredient. That’s how Hush was born – this line of treatment-based products is designed to work together to not only help nurture, treat, and protect, but improve and maintain the optimal environment for healthy hair and scalp. Hush isn’t just a quick fix or temporary relief – it’s treating and preventing the symptoms of sensitive skin & scalp.”

Can adults use SoCozy products too?
“Absolutely – everyone at SoCozy headquarters has their favorites and our influencers have been known to dip into their kiddos SoCozy stash, like Real Housewives of New York Star Aviva Drescher.”

How important is Vitamin B5?
“Vitamin B5 is great for improving the look of hair and its overall health, but it’s especially great for irritated scalps because it a dose of much needed moisture to skin and scalp.
Another great ingredient for sensitive scalps is Defenscalp or Rose Bay Extract. This power packed ingredient is naturally derived from plants and clinically proven to reduce the appearance of flakes on the scalp quickly. It’s so great it won the Silver Award for Best Ingredient in 2016. It’s amazing for cradle cap – check out these before and after shots.”

SoCozy Sensitive Hush GROUP-BABY

What can we expect from SoCozy in the near future?
“We’re constantly conducting surveys to learn about what mom needs and what mom wants, so we make sure we’re solving the problems that are at the forefront of her day to day. We can’t reveal all the details just yet, but we can give you a hint – you won’t have to worry about so many wash days.”

Hush_Serum_BabyTell us more about the #curlsdoneright concept/idea.
“Cozy is a curly girl herself, so she knows all about the curl life and the struggles that come with it.

She also knows how non-curly parents struggle with their kids curly hair. The Boing collection makes the curl routine simple – our Boing Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl-Leave In, and Curl Gel-Cream makes caring for curls a breeze for parents & keeps curls happy. Boing is packed with curl happy ingredients:
Jojoba & Olive Oil – to restore softness and shine
Beeswax – for curl control
Plum Seed Oil – to seal and bond damaged cuticles
Hydrolyzed Keratin – for increasing strength of hair
Mango Seed Butter – long lasting conditioning benefits, moisture retention, and smoothing
Papaya Extract – Helps unruly, damaged hair become smooth, shiny, and more manageable
These formulas will never weigh hair down – that means no crunch, stick, or greasy, goopy mess – just #CurlsDoneRight.”socozy1


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