New Cosmetic Surgery Trends on Your Radar

The beginning of a new year is always the perfect time to talk about the new trends. Beauty standards are changing each year (just look at the ideal woman in the ‘60s and now), and cosmetic surgery trends are adapting to them. According to the leading experts in this area, 2017 will be the year of smaller busts, bigger bums and “lunch-time” procedures. Many of the 2016 trends will continue to be in demand this year as well, but we’ll be seeing a lot of new procedures too.

Here are some trends you should keep on your radar.

“Brazilian But Lift”

Image Brazilian But Lift

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The surge of curvy celebrities such as the Kardashians, Beyoncé, Christina Hendricks, and, of course, J-Lo has made almost every woman in the world craving for such assets. This has led to a significant growth in demand for voluptuous bottoms. The most popular procedure is definitely the Brazilian but lift (BBL). BBL results in prominent and perky buttocks and sensual body profile.

Going Smaller (Breasts)

Image Going Smaller Breasts

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And while the bottom part of the body is growing, the upper is becoming smaller. Not only the breasts are becoming smaller, but also the nipples. According to Aurora Clinics, women are often demanding a smaller nipple size, and the average breast size is now 250-300cc (up until few years ago, that size was 350-400cc).

Factor 4 Skin Treatment

Image Skin Treatment

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There are some great novelties in skin regeneration, and one of them is called Factor 4 skin treatment. This treatment uses your blood plasma and delivers great results in skin regenerative procedures. Factor 4 delivers noticeable results within 3-4 weeks of the first treatment and it is sufficient to undergo four treatments to produce a plumper and firmer dermal layer.  This procedure is frequently done in International Centre for Cosmetic Medicine (ICCM).

“Walk-In – Walk-Out” Procedures

Image Walk-In – Walk-Out

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In general, non-invasive lunch-hour procedures will be extremely popular during the current year and beyond. These procedures result in minimal downtime and they can be performed in about 30 minutes. Those can be a non-surgical nose job, ‘twilight tweaking’, Juvéderm injections, to mention a few.


Image CoolSculpting

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Forget all about liposuction, 2017 is the year of freezing your fat off. Yeah, you’ve read it right. CoolSculpting is the procedure that includes targeting fat cells, exposing them to an extremely low temperature, which causes their crystallization, death and, in the end, elimination. The procedure requires no recovery time, but in order to get the wanted results you have to undergo several treatments.

Neck Tightening

Image Neck Tightening

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In general, selfie-craze has led to increase in demand for surgical and non-surgical facelifts. One of the trends we can notice is that more and more people are searching for neck rejuvenation treatments, because the position from which selfies are usually shot is very unforgiving towards this, otherwise not so noticed, body part.

Targeting Cellulite

Image Cellulite

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Finally, there is an FDA-approved procedure that helps women get rid of their biggest nemesis – cellulite. This procedure, which is very in-demand in Tacoma Laser Clinic, is called Cellfina, but it is not for the faint of heart. It includes using a tiny oscillating needle and cutting the fibrous cords that sit under each cellulite dimple. The results last for two years, and the patients are able to return to normal life the very next day, and even continue working out within the week.

While observing these trends, we are noticing a bigger picture – we are finally embracing a more natural appearance and using cosmetic surgery to enhance our best assets and minimize our flaws, instead of over-emphasizing some parts of our body. Besides, there is a huge rise in demand for minimally-invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, that can be done in half an hour, and require less pain and minimal recovery period. Their results are not as long lasting as with the invasive procedures, but repeating the treatments and undergoing periodical top-up treatments can compensate for that.

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