C - Do Good Be Green
C – Do Good Be Green

Love Goodly hosted its Do Good. Be Green. conference in Downtown Los Angeles this year. Do Good. Be Green Katie Bogue Miller and Justine Lassoff, co-founders of Do Goodly, as a highly curated, boutique event focusing on eco-education and introducing guests to the highest quality conscious brands from cruelty free and non-toxic to fair trade. During the conference, there were a variety of representatives who came eager to share their products with guests. Katie and Justine participated in speaking at the panels that were organized at the event, and were both able to give The LA Fashion Magazine insight into their passions about the environment and some of their favorite brands.

What experience caused you to become passionate about conserving the planet and making healthy lifestyle decisions?

“I have been vegetarian since 12 and vegan since 20. Growing up in Colorado, with the Rocky Mountains as my playground, helped me want to conserve at a young age. Also, I am an animal lover and pet owner so I was very aware from a young age that all animals deserved compassion, not just the usual pets of cats and dogs.” – Katie

“Becoming a mom really changed my perspective. For my health and my baby, I became very conscious of the foods I ate during my pregnancy, as I had gestational diabetes. With my son, I wanted to avoid toxins and chemicals as much as possible. Then several years ago, my husband and I went on a fully plant-based diet following Forks over Knives and Dr. Esselstyn for a heart healthy diet.” – Justine

What are some of your favorite beauty brands that provide all-natural products?

“Blissoma and OSEA are two of my favorite skincare lines– the are very clean and effective. I use Blissoma Awake every morning – the perfect non-greasy moisturizer that firms and de-puffs. For make-up, one of my faves is Lippy Girl which has all of the good pigment with none of the bad stuff.” – Katie

“I love KINDri skincare line – developed by Robin McDonald, celebrity aesthetician for Charlize Theron and Renee Zellweger. Her Organic Beauty Oil uses 100% pure organic prickly pear seed along with Argan, pumpkin, sweet almond, grape seed cart and pink grapefruit oils. My go to nail polish is LVX in Greige, and I use Blissoma’s deodorant every day.” – Justine

What kinds of non-profit organizations have you been involved in the past and today? What are the missions of each of those non-profit organizations?

“The nonprofits we work with follow our mission to help women lead a healthy, compassionate lifestyle and promote the use of cruelty free products. Causes we support include Farm Sanctuary, Beagle Freedom Project and Cure Cervical Cancer. Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living. Cure Cervical Cancer’s mission is to detect and prevent cervical cancer around the globe; train local healthcare providers in a procedure called ‘See and Treat’; and donate the equipment necessary to sustain these permanent clinics. The Beagle Freedom Project uses the rescues to draw public attention to the plight of animals languishing in labs and to promote cruelty-free lifestyle choices everyone can make.” – Katie & Justine

What is an efficient way to get spread the word about animal testing for beauty products and animal cruelty in general? What sorts of things have you done personally to make others aware of this issue?

“We find that social media is an amazing tool to spread the word about animal testing for beauty products and animal cruelty in general. Also, we work with influencers who are passionate about the same cause, like Emily Deschanel, the guest curator of our December/January box supporting Farm Sanctuary. And of course all products we sell and introduce are always cruelty free. We are partnering with the Beagle Freedom Project for #GivingTuesday on November 29. Post a photo of you with you with your dog on social media, and use the hashtags #GivingTuesday #BeagleFreedomProject and #LoveGoodly, you will be entered to win cool prizes from LOVE GOODLY. Through awareness we are encouraging people to take a stand for no animal testing.” – Katie & Justine

C – Do Good Be Green

The LA Fashion Magazine had the opportunity to try out some of the products that were available throughout the event and would like to help spread the word about products that are more environmentally friendly by sharing them here with you. Do Good. Be Green. brought together over 20 high-end brands including:


Blissoma is the elegant marriage of herbal form and function: botanical innovations that really work. The products are also 100% free of petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic colors, fragrances, vegetable emulsifying wax, pthalates, neuropeptides, or other artificial chemicals commonly found in beauty products.


LVX is the only luxury, high-fashion, 7 toxin-free premium nail lacquer. Its founders are devoted to launching the hottest collections for each season by translating the top runway colors based on emerging trends in high fashion to create custom color palettes.


Enron is a brand that creates beautiful products from jewelry to home goods. Its home goods and gifts are selected for their beauty, quality, and ability to provide opportunity to artisans from around the world.


OSEA was born from the founder’s desire to create active, organic and natural luxury skincare products. Products that actually deliver results by feeding the skin with potent, bioavailable ingredients.


The cosmetics with the Lippy Girl label are ecofriendly, natural, organic, vegetarian/vegan and animal-friendly. Neither the products nor ingredients are tested on animals, and our ingredients are natural, organic, vegetarian/vegan and will never contain chemical preservatives.


Kristinit offers timeless designs featuring impeccable tailoring and beautiful fabrics bringing the best out of every woman.


KINDri, a new natural, preservative-free line, features a trio of anti-oxidant and mineral spiked treatments for both normal to oily and normal to dry complexions. The name KINDri comes from the word “Kind” i.e. kind to the skin and kind to the environment.


Packed with essential minerals like calcium and bicarbonate, research shows that alkalized water can improve bone density and help prevent osteoporosis.


Forks Over Knives provides meal plans and  variety of recipes that have helped many on their road to a more healthy diet and overall lifestyle.


100% raw and organic, Kombucha nourishes the body, delights your taste buds and bolsters your immunity for a healthier, happier and stronger lifestyle.


YAS fitness is the first studio that is dedicated simultaneously to yoga and spinning. The studios are located all throughout Los Angeles.


destinee dubose

Destinée DuBose is a college student from Los Angeles, CA. She attends Loyola Marymount University in California. While completing her education, she is pursuing a double major in Business & Management and Creative Writing & Literature, simultaneously obtaining a minor in French Studies. Her dream is to become a fashion journalist.

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