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As we mourn the near ending of summer, we also brood over the damage the fun in the sun inflicted on our skin. We all know about sunscreen by now (if you haven’t been living under a rock), so what about the stuff we do not know? So, we admit we might have skipped out on the 100 SPF-what do we do now (aside from pleading with the universe to “turn back time” a-la Cher circa 1989)?

That is where Angela Caglia steps in, a.k.a the “Hollywood Glow Girl”. Tucked away above Bel-Air is a very private, cozy space where Angela cleanses, hydrates, and lifts skin into submission. Her methods involve old-age technique with new-age technology-a formula surely to get the results you are looking for. Her facial packages are specific to your age and skin-type, making it a place where men and women of all ages can be serviced.

The treatment I experienced was her “Hollywood Glow Girl Facial” which is her base line package that includes techniques using oxygen, customized mask, stem-cell serums, exfoliation, and (my favorite) the jade roller massage. The treatment itself was relaxing, and all of the products she used smelled amazing which was an added sensory bonus during treatment. The mask that she used for me was from her new skin care line (launching soon!) rose mask, which not only smelled heavenly but also made my skin feel refreshed.

During treatment, Angela spoiled me a little bit. She wanted me to experience a little taste of everything she had to offer during her other treatments. This included:

  • LED light and hot/cold therapy which resurfaces the skin
  • FSD machine which uses heat and light to stimulate collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and brightens the skin

After the treatment was the big reveal – that moment you look into the mirror expecting to see the miraculous change we expect to occur from treatments such as these. Normally, I do not expect to see a significant difference. This time I was blown away. My skin was dewy, bright, and not the least bit red (like it normally is after a facial). My cheekbones were somehow more defined, and my skin in general was tighter yet somehow soft at the same time.

Angela, satisfied with my reaction, nonchalantly says:

“That’s why they call me the Hollywood Glow Girl.”

Photo Credit: Angela Caglia
Photo Credit: Angela Caglia

After treatment, I sat down with Angela to ask her a few questions about how we can care better for our skin.

As summer comes to an end what can we do to help reverse any damage that might have occurred from being in so much sun?

“Now is the time to correct any damage done. A lot of my clients travel a lot and so on top of the sun, the travel can wear on the skin as well. I would advise regular facials. Also, this is the time to do peels and stronger exfoliations since you aren’t by the pool regularly, or out hiking like you were all summer. This is where my LED light treatment would come in handy because it resurfaces the skin. The end of summer is really when you need to get rid of all the impurities you accumulated over the summer, be it from sunscreen, etc.”

Speaking of sunscreen, do you have a favorite or would you recommend a certain brand?

“None of my clients really like sunscreen. It’s thick, heavy, and clogs their pores. Instead of recommending a sunscreen, I would recommend a BB or CC creams-it’s fine, does not have a heavy formulation, and it will still protect and moisturize your skin at the same time.”

Should we be doing anything to our skin to prep it for the coming fall and winter months?

“I would switch to a heavier night cream and use a hydrating mask. My favorite is Thirsty Mud by Glamglow. The most important thing for cooler climate is to keep your skin hydrated.”

Tell me about your new skin care line.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I know the routine women go through in regards to beauty. Most women are beauty junkies, buying a million different products but only ever using a couple of them. The rest of the products sit on a shelf, unused. You don’t need to use a lot of products on your skin. The key is to use GOOD products that are effective. All of the products in my line are dual-purpose. My cleanser is also a toner, my serum is also a moisturizer, and my mask is also an exfoliant. I use cellular water from France that is infused with pear and berry that does not interrupt with the PH of the skin. My products are for all skin types.”

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Photo Credit: Angela Caglia
Photo Credit: Angela Caglia


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