Madeleine Stuart x An Inspirational Journey Within The Modeling World

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Madeline Stuart is regarded by many as the world’s first Supermodel with Down syndrome. She is a true role model and inspires others day by day to follow their dreams and to never stop working hard, no matter what obstacles we may face. Despite Madeline’s disability, she nevertheless continues to excel in her modeling career and is an advocate for health and fitness. Madeline explained that she was not always as outgoing as she is now. However, she discovered her passion not long ago, which has helped to shape her into the confident and determined young woman who she is today. Once Madeline realized that she wanted to pursue a path toward the fashion and modeling businesses, her career took off from there.

“I have definitely become more outgoing since the start of my career. I have always been comfortable with myself, but now I am more relaxed with more groups of people in lots of different situations.” I was at my first fashion show with my mom and I fell in love with it instantly. It looked like so much fun. I said to my mom straight away that I wanted to get up on the catwalk and start modeling.” 

By looking through Madeline’s photos on social media since she has become a serious model, it is evident that she has learned a tremendous amount as far as fashion, particularly how to look glamorous on a daily basis.

“I’ve learned that most of the people I work with expect me to wear different clothes all the time; I can’t go to two events in the same month wearing the same outfit twice. Also, I’m always expected to have my hair and makeup done wherever I go.”

When asked what fashion meant to her on a personal level, Madeline Stuart stated that, to her, being fashionable means having style and, most importantly, making sure that she is always taking care of herself whether that be by making herself look presentable for certain events and occasions or by keeping herself healthy and keeping up with her fitness routines. Madeline Stuart stresses the importance of fitness. She lost 50 pounds before becoming a model and works out six days a week with a personal trainer. She is also an active part-owner and ambassador of Inside Outside Dance company back home. Madeline explained her belief that her health is one of the most important things to her and that, with hard work, anybody can stay fit and live a healthy life. Even when Madeline is on the road, she never slacks off when it comes to her health.

“Madeline works out as much as possible when she is on the road.” – Rosanne Stuart, Mother and Manager of Madeline Stuart

(c) Madeline Stuart Management
Credit: madelinesmodelling
(c) Madeline Stuart Management

“What makes Madeline Stuart so unique and inspirational is her ability to remain true to who she is even through all of the fame and her busy schedule as a model and fashion icon. In fact, Madeline expresses her humility and humble attitude as one of her greatest accomplishments throughout her career. We are all equal and the same. Just because people think I am famous now, does not mean I am any different than I was before.”

On the topic of Madeline Stuart’s accomplishments, she is the first model with Down Syndrome to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week. Madeline has the pleasure of walking in New York Fashion Week twice. By accomplishing something so major, Madeline Stuart has proven to, not only those who have social disabilities, but to all people, that nothing is impossible and, with hard work, anything can be achieved. As previously mentioned, Madeline has not alway been a huge fan of large crowds and overwhelming environments. However, she was able to face her fears and bring her career as a model to the next level.

“It was amazing but also exhausting! It was a very long day, but I was so excited that I didn’t realize how tired I was until after it was all over. Everyone was so nice to me and there were hundreds of people backstage. There was so much energy and noise.”

When asked if runway modeling is something that she would like to continue to pursue, Madeline announced that she is eager to have that opportunity again someday.

“It is really my favorite thing. I would really like to eventually do the whole fashion circuit.”

Madeline Stuart at NYFW Credit: madelinesmodelling
Madeline Stuart at NYFW (c) Madeline Stuart Management
Madeline Stuart at NYFW Credit: madelinesmodellng
Madeline Stuart at NYFW (c) Madeline Stuart Management

Madeline Stuart was also the first model with a social disability to be offered the position as the face of GlossiGirl Cosmetics. It all started when GlossiGirl named Madeline Stuart their Woman Crush Wednesday. The cosmetics line received so many positive responses from their consumers, that they knew they had to have Madeline model for their brand. The world wanted to see more of Madeline Stuart.

“I went to the studio and we did a shoot with all of their new products. It was so exciting and I loved it.”

Madeline hopes to continue to inspire others every day throughout the rest of her career as a fashion model. The biggest piece of advice that Madeline can give to those who look up to her or who may be interested in following the same career path as her is that it is truly important to believe in yourself and to believe that anything can happen. Madeline is a strong believer that dreams do come true. Madeline’s hard work and outstanding accomplishments continue to be recognized and are admired day by day. Her dedication to her cause and to her career have earned her a variety of nominations and awards. For example, in 2015, Madeline Stuart was named Model of the Year at Melange in San Fransisco. Melange is an event that annually celebrates the founding of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Madeline has also been nominated twice as Australian of the Year and was named Pride of Australia. This is surely just the beginning for Madeline Stuart.

(c) Madeline Stuart Management

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