China’s Famous Designer unveils latest D’ NIM Art Jeans Collection at China Fashion Week

March 27, 2016. China’s famous fashion designer, Chen Wen, unveiled his latest autumn/winter collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Beijing. The event took place at the Beijing Hotel Banquet Hall this year where models sashayed down the runway in his latest denim Art Jeans collection. Chen Wen, a men and women’s fashion designer famous across China for his love of denim and passion for artwork. For his latest collection, the designer drew his inspiration from his love of the Southern French Countryside after taking several tours to the town of Aix-en-Provence, France. Inspired by the home of the French painter, Paul Cezanne, who was the father of modern art and was also known for his French countryside art paintings, cubist art, color blockings and geometric patterns. This is reflected in his latest collection where you can see a fusion of Denim and artwork come together which resembled oil paintings and portable works of art.

Model in Chen Wen during Beijing Fashion Week 2016
Model in Chen Wen during Beijing Fashion Week 2016

The colors in his collection reflect the two seasons of autumn and winter. You can see splashes of wintery hues such as indigo deep blues to the icy pastel hues. Magentas, jewel tones and pops of color such as shades of reds to represent the autumn seasons and European landscapes are the source of inspiration as seen in the collection. The designer also uses cutting edge technology and oil painting brush strokes as well as denim graphic art and colors that are digitally printed onto the fabrics. The collection is very modern, yet edgy and artistic as every piece is creatively put together and designed.
One of my favorite pieces from the collection is the trench coat with the fur in the pastel blues which remind me of a watercolor painting. He uses brush strokes to resemble an oil painting canvas using splashes of colors which are combined with the denim which gives it a pop of color.

The coat was paired with the color blocked skinny jeans. I loved the skinny jeans because of the technology used to achieve this look which is called the water washing method to achieve the color blocking effects in denim. One of my other favorite’s is from the men’s collection which is the color blocked blazer which is very sophisticated, edgy yet very chic and sexy. Here we can see a very Euro modern yet chic style. The designer uses a lot of abstract designs and knitted fabrics in combination with the denim jean material.

The D’Nim brand uses graphic art to create artistic unique pieces. Denim throughout the years has evolved as one of the most popular fabric in fashion and is constantly evolving.The thing about denim is that it never goes out of style it is a true classic and can be worn for years to come making his collections classics. Here you can see that Chen Wen uses technology, art, and innovation to create his collections. The Chinese Designer’s collections can be found throughout department stores across China.


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