New Year’s Resolution Detox Drink

It’s a new year and with the new year comes goals we want to achieve and resolutions we want to stick to. After all the hearty family dinners during holidays, the “get in shape” goal is probably a top priority on your list of New Year’s resolutions. I’d definitely be lying if I said it wasn’t on MY mind. Therefore, before all the food, I made a pact to start my new year with a little bit of detox. So here you go with a tasty and easy to make detox water.

What you need:
Sparkling water
2 lemons
1 aloe vera plant – get it at a florist or at Ikea 😉

How you do it:
1. Prepare sparkling water with the practical SodaStream Machine
2. Slice a lemon and put it into a pitcher
3. Squeeze another lemon and add the lemon squash into the pitcher
4. Chop two aloe vera leaves from a plant near the base using a sharp knife
5. With the knife split the leaves lengthwise
6. Gently scoop the aloe vera gel from the leaves with a spoon and put it into the pitcher
Fill up the pitcher with sparkling water
8. Mix the gelatinous aloe vera gel, lemon juice and water using a blender
9. Add the lemon slices
10. Start the new year with good conscience

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