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NYFW: Custo Barcelona Spring / Summer 2017

For his SS17 collection, with the overarching theme “more is more,” Custo Dalmau brings the brand a big step forward.

“More” is the key concept and the response to every possible question: more elaborate, 100% hand-sewn pieces, more wealth of materials, more creativity and a more powerful, more intense silhouette.

In this collection, Custo Barcelona sought a return to the richness of using multiple fabrics in every piece, combining them in harmonious ways to create exceptional garments. Dozens of different threads were used to produce highly visual fabrics that are a far cry from prints. Sequins on silk, transparencies with a shiny finish, metallic, multicolored patches and Lurex fringe are just some of the components of a collection that floods the senses.

The color palette includes mixtures of rose petal and aged gold, optic white and terra cotta hues, bubblegum pink and mauve-vivid colors, often mixed with black and bright textures, that serve as the common thread throughout the collection.

For men, the “Way More” philosophy is applied in shirts with bright embroidery, skinny-cut trousers with detailing on the sides, fully embroidered or semi-transparent shirts, sequined or devoré velvet T-shirts and transparent trench coats.

The bomber jackets, trench coats and suit jackets are the perfect accessory for this new athletically inspired collection in luxury fabrics.

Actresses Kelly Berglund, Amber Coney and Violett Beane as well as model Chantel Jeffries and singer Kayla Brianna attended the show.
The catwalk was graced by both of Custo’s daughters who walked the show. 


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