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Soulkix I Express the Soul


“Express the soul, think outside the shoebox” this is just what Soulkix does. Soulkix is founded on people’s belief in art and the less fortunate. Mason the founder lived in a tent at the age of 19 selling art he painted on scraps of wood found in dumpsters. He was fortunate enough to be given a job at a retail shoe store. While working in the retail industry he noticed the lack of diversity and fun within the shoe market. This observation inspired him to create a unique shoe company. Soulkix has since grown into a brand with a lot of personality and style.

Soulkix is unlike any other shoe company, they allow customers to create their own personalized shoes. The options are endless as far as designs are concerned. A customer can choose from several pre-made graphic designs or take the reigns and create something completely personalized. Soulkix offers everyone the ability to put their own personal twist on sneakers! Customers have the option to mirror an image, have two separate images on each shoe or split one larger image onto both shoes. Soulkix allows the wearer to be creative while also giving back to a good cause. They donate a portion of all proceeds to Operation Underground Railroad, and Soles 4 Souls. Operation Underground Railroad works to pull women and children out of trafficking and slavery. Soles 4 Souls donates a pair of shoes to someone in need every time a pair is bought.

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