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Summer Crosley: Model and Environmentalist Extraordinaire


When Summer Crosley is not fulfilling her modeling duties,  she devotes her life to making an impact on the planet.  Summer supports environmentally friendly causes like Ocean Life Conservation, in order to help protect our beautiful ocean life and help keep our beaches clean. With her support of Ocean Life Conservation, Summer has influenced the public to join in on the eco-friendly movement by encouraging them to reduce, reuse, recycle,  as their contribution to decrease pollution and protect wildlife.

Most people fail to realize the importance of ocean life conservation to protect our planet. She reminds her peers and the youth community that littering puts our beautiful wildlife —-dolphins, whales, sea turtles, tropical fish— at risk of endangerment and extinction. Summer has traveled to Fiji, Bali, Africa, Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica, the world’s top beach destinations, to raise awareness throughout. It is great to see someone using their voice and public persona for good. More often than not, a lot of people in the lime-light are not so outspoken about their passions. I think we can all agree that we need more influencers like Summer.

 Follow Summer on Instagram: @summercrosley
Whitney Sutherland

Whitney Sutherland

Whitney Sutherland currently attends FIDM Los Angeles as a Merchandise Marketing student. She’s an adventurer, a movie lover, a health nut, a fashionista, a passionate writer, and a lover of life. She is enjoying the journey ahead, and just taking life as it comes to her.

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