Swimwear to kick off the Summer!

Summer is around the corner. The weather is turning beautiful, and we are all striving to have that hot girl summer. With places opening up, vocations needing to be planned, hot girl summer is a must. We all know that all you really need for a hot girl summer is confidence. Developing self confidence can sometimes be difficult especially when wearing swim suits. For years, self image struggles have been common because of how societal norms continue to shape how a person should dress and look. But, as we promised, we have to make the year 2022 the beginning of all hot girl summers for years and years to come. 

Everyone has a summer body, believe it or not. Being and feeling comfortable is what fabricates what an ideal summer body is. We can give you some tips to slowly begin to feel comfortable in your body and into that beautiful swimsuit. Trust us, you look good, don’t change. 

As the world evolves, swimwear evolves with it. There are so many different designs of swimwear that you can mix and match, if you are into two-piece swimsuits. We have a few tips and tricks to get you slowly into feeling confident in your summer body. Let’s start! 

Matching Two Pieces: Two pieces matching with beautiful patterns often flatters who you are and help boost your confidence and mood. Beautiful patterns and colors on your swimsuit can boost your self esteem making you feel like the top of the world. One of our favorites is definitely the DAZE DAYS Terra Shirring Top.

2. High Waisted Bikini Bottoms: High waisted is back in trend, or in our world, it has always been in trend. If you are cautious of your tummy (which you don’t have to be, your body is beautiful!), we would suggest opting for a high waisted bikini bottoms. They give you a little push down on your stomach so it makes you look a little more snatched. We suggest something like this cute lavender high waisted bikini from ICON SWIM and MONTCE SWIM.

3.   SARONG: Sarongs are beautiful and adds a little kick to your outfit. We, at the LA Fashion, love sarongs because they give you a little more curve to your beautiful body. We love the curves and they are super fashionable. They fit every outfit, every occasion, especially if you want that long walk on the beach. Perhaps a bright orange sarong from MONTCE SWIM  or SWIMINISTA? Bright color, and bring up the mood! 

4. If not Sarongs, maybe shorts? Shorts are beautiful wherever you go. They match almost all outfits. We get it, sometimes you need a little cover up. Shorts can provide the perfect middle between just a bikini and pants. The MONTCE Swim Boho shorts are super chic and twirly, lightweight giving you the flatter that you would love!

5. Last, but not least, perhaps a tshirt-kini would do. A bikini top that looks just like a cropped t shirt, is a great start to your summer swimwear journey. Crop tops are always a cute flattering twist to your outfit and what better way to make it into a swimsuit! ICON Swim has a cute Riptide Set


At the end of the day, we all have a wonderful beautiful body, and we guarantee you it is your summer body. Wear what you want, and feel most confident and comfortable in. We are sure you will look great in everything.


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