Plus-Size Shopping Tips for Wedding Guest Outfits

If you have a wedding approaching that you’re attending as a guest, apart from sorting out a gift for the happy couple, one of your other top tasks is working out what to wear. 

As a plus-size lady, you may find this process stressful if you sometimes find it hard to source new outfits you love, but you can follow a few simple tips to set yourself up for a happy shopping expedition and a fun event.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Shop

The last thing you want to do is rush the process of finding an outfit for the special occasion. As most of us find, sourcing the perfect look is often challenging. It takes time to search multiple retailers online and in-store, try on items, find accessories to go with them, etc. You may need a piece tailored to suit your body perfectly, which you can’t leave until the last minute, and allow time for items to be shipped to you. 

Also, quality plus-size clothing is often more limited than other sizes, meaning there’s less to choose from, and you need to look further afield in many cases. Give yourself plenty of time to shop. Most couples send out wedding invitations months before the date of the special day, so you should have plenty of warning. 

Always Consider the Dress Code

Pay attention to the dress code listed on the wedding invite. While not all couples will feature this information on their invitations, most will have guidelines such as smart casual, black tie, cocktail, or even a theme they want their guests to dress for. You want to find an outfit that suits whatever notes they’ve put down. Keep this front of mind as you shop for a new outfit so you don’t feel out of place when you get to the event. 

Avoid White and Black

It’s considered bad form to wear white as a guest to a wedding as this shade is considered the bride’s domain, and you don’t want to compete with her for attention. On the other hand, black is typically associated with funerals and other somber occasions and is thus seen as a little too dark and severe for a happy wedding. 

If you do find a black dress or other clothing that you adore and desperately want to wear to the occasion, at least add some pops of color to your outfit. You can do this with your shoes, handbag, jewelry, scarf, coat, or other accessories, to mix things up a bit. 

Understand Your Body Shape

Another tip when buying a wedding guest outfit is to ensure you’re clear about your body shape. Different styles suit different people, so don’t waste time, energy, or money on clothing you might get home and realize doesn’t work nicely for your frame. For example, plus-size women can be petite or tall, shaped more like an apple, pear, or triangle, among other things, and don’t necessarily have a large bust, either. 

Think about the types of outfit styles that suit you in other clothing, and then see if you can find similar shapes in more formal or themed outfits for the wedding. It helps to know the brands that suit you well, too, as often many of them will have more formal ranges you can turn to when sourcing a look for a special occasion. 

Keep Likely Weather and Temperature Conditions in Mind

Don’t forget, too, when you go shopping for a new outfit, to consider the likely weather and temperature on the day. For example, what you wear to a wedding held on the beach where you could be standing in the sun for a long time and dealing with plenty of breezes will be very different from what you wear to a winter wedding, especially one held in the mountains. Think about likely humidity, if the event will be held inside or out, and how you will keep warm or stay cool when the temperature changes. 

Other tips to consider as you shop include ensuring you pick an outfit you can move, dance, eat, and breathe properly in and choosing a look you can wear to other events. This way, you’ll get more value for money out of what you spend. 

Follow the above suggestions to help you make lighter work of purchasing the perfect outfit to wear as a guest to a wedding. In turn, you’ll feel confident and relaxed at the event and can enjoy it that much more. 



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