5 Aspects That Are Usually Overlooked During Wedding Preparations

After the engagement frenzy dies down, now’s the time to focus on the main event, which is the wedding. Before you start popping the champagne bottles and dancing the night away as a newly-married couple, there’s a lot of planning and hard work you will have to go through first. When you’re able to tick every item off your dream wedding checklist, that’s when you can smile, assured that your wedding day will give you wonderful memories to look back on.

Surely, no one ever forgets the venue, the wedding dress, and even the flowers. In fact, brides may spend a good deal of the planning stage focusing on the visible details. When the wedding rush starts to kick in, it’s easy to have some of the less visible and compelling details fall through the cracks. And when that happens, your big day may become disastrous.

So, as you plan your wedding, it’s essential not to forget these five important aspects:

  • Wedding Rings

Surprisingly, yes, some couples overlook preparing for their wedding rings! Of course, no couple will ever forget the ring. But, amidst all the things you have to plan for, this small piece of jewelry is often put off at the last minute. Perhaps you’ve done your window shopping and you’re confidently thinking, ‘Well, there’s lots of rings to choose from, anyway.’

While this may be true, it’s not always the safest move to have this kind of mindset. Never put off buying your rings to the last minute, especially when you’re looking for a custom-made piece. Otherwise, you might just risk running out of options or encountering delays in the manufacturing process. Imagine the horror of finding out you don’t have the wedding rings ready for your big day!

  • Transportation

Arranging transportation for all the guests isn’t something that’s required to be done. But, if your wedding venue is quite far, it pays to have this service for your guests. Prioritize your family or guests who aren’t from town and don’t have their own vehicles.

When you have transportation ready for your guests, you’re also ensuring your guests stay comfortable as they go to your wedding. You won’t have to be worried about guests who can’t make it, simply because they don’t have a ride.

  • Weather 

Should it rain at the last minute, do you have a backup plan for your wedding venue? This shouldn’t be a problem if your wedding venue is in an enclosed space. But, if your dream is to have an outdoor, garden wedding, then you need to prepare for any circumstances.

The couple may be fine with the blessings of rain on the wedding day. It’s not enough to stop the celebration of love. But you can’t say the same for your guests. Just in case it decides to rain, it pays to have a well-defined backup plan, be it a backup venue or patio umbrellas. Still make one, even if the weather forecasts assure you of a rain-free day.

  • Day-Of-Point Person

As the bride or the groom, you want to have a smooth and happy wedding day. On this day, you may want to enjoy the day with your partner, family, and friends as much as possible. You wouldn’t want to deal with questions about where to put this and that, who gathers and sends the gifts to their home, and many more other important matters.

This is where the advantage of having a day-of-point person comes in. This person can either be a family member of the couple or a friend. It can even be someone from the planning team. This individual will be the one to tackle every concern about the wedding, so the bride and groom can relax and have fun.

  • Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Of course, being in top condition for your wedding day is important. However, feeling sick and encountering accidents on wedding days are inevitable. Such mishaps can ruin your big day. For that reason, you want to be prepared.

Build a wedding day emergency kit with the planner or coordinator. This should include any personal items and medicines the bride or groom may need for their health, along with the basics that a first aid kit should have.



As much as we plan meticulously, we may still overlook some facets of a wedding. Those aspects may not be on the list of priorities. But, on the wedding day itself, not having those details like the ones listed above can be a bummer. When it’s the biggest day of your life, it’s understandable to want to have everything go as smoothly as possible. So, make sure not to forget the tiny details like those above.



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