4 Unique Short Styles That Will Be Everywhere Next Year

4 Unique Short Styles That Will Be Everywhere Next Year 

Stylish shorts— and we are not just referring to biker shorts, Daisy Dukes, or cutoffs— are an effortlessly fabulous essential for the warm season. They’re a spring- and summer-time staple that teams up perfectly with casual, formal, and transitional styles.

Right about this time last year, denim shorts, cycling shorts, and pleated shorts were having a serious moment, but this year we are expecting to see some unique shorts styles inspired by the 2022 fashion shows and runways. So whether you’re planning your next vacation to a faraway exotic location, looking for something for the office, or anything in between, there’s truly something for everyone and every occasion.

Some fashionistas may argue that scoring a superb pair of shorts is not that easy. Finding superb shorts that are flattering and cute yet actually comfortable might be one of the toughest shopping ventures. And it’s easy to understand why —some people aren’t comfortable showing more skin, and they want shorts that will make them feel 100% confident while wearing them. 

That’s where we come in.

As you are refreshing your wardrobe for the upcoming seasons, we have picked out four unique shorts styles that won’t let you down. Whether you prefer the care-free feel of knit shorts, the retro vibe of tie-dye, or a work-appropriate mid-thigh look, we have you covered with these fresh shorts styles that come in numerous designs, lengths, and colors.

1- Knit Shorts 

After being cooped up at home while working or learning remotely for the past couple of years, we’ve all focused on sartorial warmth and comfort more than ever. So it’s no surprise that all of this year’s fashion favorites come in the form of wooly goodness. From bra tops (hello Katie Holmes) and dresses to pants and sweaters, if you swing open your closet and almost everything happens to be knitwear, don’t fret, as you aren’t alone.

Our desire for loungewear-inspired fashion has burgeoned, and the shorts department hasn’t been left behind. Knit shorts are blowing up on social media feeds, and justifiably so – these cozy garments bring the best of beauty and practicality into your wardrobe. They look and feel casual and playful, yet, at the same time, sexy and attention-grabbing.

Moreover, knit shorts often feel light and airy, thanks to their wooly fabric, making them ideal for warmer weather. Making a surprising comeback from the 1970s, these knit pieces are served up in various designs, lengths, and colors, from shorts in neutral-colored knit fabrics to bright jewel-colored knit fabrics. Some may appear more like underwear than shorts, but we are crazy for them, nonetheless.

If you want to embrace a monochromatic approach to your outfit, pair your knit shorts directly with a top of the same color and fabric or switch it up with a classic tank top. However, when it comes to the ultimate in styling shorts in knit fabrics, you can’t go wrong with a chic open cardigan. For instance, teaming a pair of brown knit shorts with a gold-knit open cardigan will result in a laid-back get-up that’s easy to pull off.

Feeling a bit more venturesome? Pair your knit shorts with a gray knit cardigan and a black and white print crew-neck tee for an outfit that is functional and ready for anything. Introduce a black leather crossbody bag, black sunglasses, and a pair of black leather ankle boots to class it up so that your 2022 summer and spring can be all about showing off your adorable legs and fashionable, confident fun!

2- Tie-Dye Shorts

The tie-dye fashion trend has come back to life in full swing this time, and it looks like it is officially here for good. The style was all the rage in statement pieces in the 1960s and 1970s, but tie-dye offers up a 21st century twist when incorporated into clothing items like leggings and shorts. So, if you’re like the rest of us, you probably stocked up on several pairs of tie-dye lounge sets, sweatpants, and joggers during the recent lockdowns.

Besides, the fabrics used in tie-dye clothing today – such as cotton and spandex – will make tie-dye shorts your favorite items to wear while running errands, hitting the beach, working from home, or grabbing a quick iced coffee on a warm day. Tie-dye shorts come in a variety of styles this year, including tie-dye pajama shorts, tie-dye denim shorts, tie-dye biker shorts, and pastel tie-dye shorts, as well as dark and colorful tie-dye shorts.

If we’re speaking about the best tie-dye shorts, it’s a given that we are going to recommend pastel. Pastel tie-dye shorts are all over Instagram, so the soft style is pushing through to the forefront of wearability and comfort. You can wear an adorable pair of tie-dye shorts with a solid color tank top or t-shirt. Or, get a matching sweatshirt and wear the pair as a lounge set.

For example, you can marry a pair of teal tie-dye denim shorts with a matching blue tie-dye crew-neck sweater to create a laid-back outfit that looks as awesome as it is chic. Add a pair of dark brown suede desert boots to the ensemble and the look will come together perfectly.

3- Camo Shorts

Not every pair of shorts has to be showy and out there. The moment you lay your eyes on a cute pair of camo shorts, you will get this. These combat-inspired shorts are the go-to choice for you with their awesome prints, allowing you to blend into the crowds in style.

This year, expect to see camo on short styles beyond cargo shorts; we’re talking about slim-fit camo shorts, lounge camo shorts, denim camo shorts, Bermuda camo shorts, camo jogger shorts, and camo biker shorts, among many, many other styles. But, of course, that also means you can style these in so many different ways.

If you thought camo shorts could not be chic enough, be prepared to change your mind. The military print is now sexier and easier to wear than ever, as LA-based Sanctuary notes. For an unforgettable night out with the girls, show off your sartorial savvy by pairing camo shorts with a white chiffon blouse for a laid-back outfit that’s ready for anything that the night will throw at you. Throw a pair of brown leather thong sandals into the mix to dress down this dressy outfit.

For a casual outfit with a bit of a twist, drop the chiffon blouse in favor of a charcoal crew-neck t-shirt and a black leather biker jacket. A black embellished leather clutch is the perfect companion for this get-up. You can add a polished touch to the ensemble with a gold pendant and earrings, two accessories that are sure to make you stand out.

4- Sweatshirt Shorts

We are going to say this once more – loungewear-inspired clothing items will be all over the warmer seasons this year, and no one is complaining so far. After spending more than eighteen months in cozy sweatpants and super-comfortable leggings, we are not ready to give up the comfort of loungewear. However, sweatpants tend to be uncomfortably hot for warmer weather, especially during summer.

That’s where sweatshirt shorts come into play. Cozy, ultra-soft, and super-adorable, these lounge shorts are the shorter version of the run-of-the-mill sweatpants. So whether you’re getting ready for a picnic at the park, drinks with friends, or just lounging around in the house, these shorts will be what you want to wear everywhere, all year long.

How to wear sweatshirt shorts outside the house? Whether you want to match your sweatshirt shorts, style them with a simple oversize tee, or wish to play with colors, there are options for everyone. For example, you can wear a pair of dusty pink sweatshirt shorts with a matching tank top or cardigan. Better yet, opt for a neutral matching set for a somewhat sporty feel and look.

If you wish to add a splash of color to your life this year, try a pair of tie-dye sweatshirt shorts and pair them with a matching blouse or dress shirt. Thus far, the winner is a pairing of a gray matching set of sweatshirt shorts and sweat top with high socks and a pair of sneakers.

There you go – four unique short styles that are sure to add pizzazz and functionality to your wardrobe this year. They are all about more bare legs and confident, fashion-forward fun.


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