Getting to know Stephanie Long – Founder of Wicked Cat Clothing

With Halloween literally around the corner, the talks of costumes and outfits are all over town. Wicked Cat Clothing is here to bring all the inspirations from Halloween, cats, and horror movies combined. From Ghosts to the famous movie series Candy Man, this clothing brand is sure to be a hit just in time for the scariest holiday of the year. We had the pleasure of talking to Stephanie Long, the brilliant designer behind the brand. It is amazing to hear the story of the designer and the brand.  

Friday the 13th, October Season has always been a fun time to dress up or just wear your favorite scary themed tee-shirts or outfits to commemorate our favorite horror movies and thrillers. What if we told you that there was a whole line of Halloween themed merchandise just for your favorite movies and ghost stories? 


With a background in marketing, it helped her into creating the brand that she has now. Even though she has over ten years of experience in marketing, design has always been her love and passion from the start. She also has had experience in web design, so stepping foot into ecommerce was not unfamiliar to her. Since then, she has set the bar to create a line of halloween themed clothing and begin her entrepreneurial journey.

Halloween being her favorite holiday of the year, she wanted to create a niche for spooky themed lovers alike. You can see the love for the holiday in all her designs. Long had always worn graphic tee shirts her whole life, however there were times where she could not find the tshirt that she was looking for. With Halloween being her favorite holiday, most halloween themed shirts were only available around the time of October. Combined with her love for cats, Wicked Cat Clothing has come into fruition. 


There is a phrase that goes “ like products, like creators,” and If you have not noticed from the name, Long loves cats. The logo and the name is a tribute to her owning cats her whole life and falling in love with them. A wicked cat shirt is perfectly made for those who love a little “spoop” in their clothes and are obsessed with cats. 


It has been a year since Wicked Cat Clothing has become live. The journey definitely was not easy. One of the biggest challenges that Long has faced was being able to launch her brand. In her words, “It’s almost like exposing yourself, know it is not perfect, but if you try to perfect it, it will never be up.” Starting an entrepreneurial journey can definitely be difficult, and there will be many steps to learn along the way, and will be “perfected” as she continues. 


Even though there might be a lot of obstacles along the way, there is no doubt that the fire that Long has within her about Halloween themed clothes will continue until the end of time. Her dream is to create a MET gala for horror themed clothing, and frankly we are excited to see that happen! Currently she is working on a special collaboration with Neil D’Monte’s company, Hellbilly. It will be a couture line with distressed hoodies, bathing suits, joggers, and more! 


So, if you are interested and love Halloween themed merchandise, make sure to follow her journey on instagram @wickedcatclothing and on tiktok @stephaniemarie8288. Grab some cool spoopy theme clothing just in time for Halloween! 



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