4 Ways to Stay Up to Date on the Latest Fashion Trends

After a year of sweatpants, fashionistas are eagerly jumping back on the fashion bandwagon. So much so that, according to Yahoo! Finance, apparel sales are soaring post-lockdown. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau notes a 16.4% increase in clothing and accessory sales, while department stores share a 10% increase in revenue.

But after such a long time spent in athleisure, many Americans are finding it hard to get back into the groove of following shopping trends. Many adults around the country share this sentiment and are reportedly looking to professional stylists for help. However handy a personal stylist may be, though, there are other, more affordable ways to keep updated on the latest trends.

Credit: @bellahadid

1. Follow fashion influencers on social media

Considering that the average American spends about two hours on social media every day, you might as well use this time finding fashion insiders to follow. Try following famous celebrities and fashion designers, such as Virgil Abloh and Bella Hadid — who have 6.2 and 44.5 million Instagram followers, respectively. Often, these top-tier influencers have first dibs on the newest trends, and they’re happy to post their views online.

If you’re looking for more relatable content, there are plenty of other influencers on Instagram. For example, some chic minimalist fashion influencers include Lizzy Hafield and Dennis Vanpeel. Both regularly put out posts wearing minimalist fashion staples like white shirts and neutral trousers.

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2. Join online style communities

If you’re more interested in a specific fashion piece or style, try joining an online community. Here you can find like-minded people who share their own insider tips and tricks — like where to source certain items or whether something is worth buying. Often these communities will even share news updates and insider perks.

Sneakerheads are one such demographic that do this very well within their own community. Exclusive kicks have become such a hot commodity of late, so becoming a member of a sneakerhead community will keep you in loop when it comes to limited edition releases, helps educate you on buying techniques, and much more. Online communities like SoleSavy even offer membership benefits that give you alerts when there are new drops. Meanwhile, if you’re a budding stylist, FashMates is another online community you may enjoy. With over 18 million monthly product curations, this community allows members to “create” looks using items from top brands. If your style belongs to a subculture like punk or preppy, you can find these neatly categorized here, too.

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3. Check out style-forward blogs

In addition to communities, there’s also a wide variety of fashion blogs online. Most of these blogs have newsletter subscriptions, so you can be notified anytime they drop a new post. This is super helpful if you want a comprehensive platform. Some can even loop you in on fashion shows, celebrity best-dressed lists, and personal styling tips — all of which you can find on this site, too.

Another blog to follow is Who What Wear, which posts about everything from fashion shows to beautiful street styles. Most of these blogs will also list the details of featured fashion items to help you shop.

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  1. Go window shopping

    Windows are a retailer’s 3D lookbooks. Not only will store windows feature the newest collections, but they’re professionally styled, too. This will give you an idea of what’s trending and how to incorporate the clothes into an outfit. When you go window shopping, visit as many stores as you can. Drop by department stores, designer boutiques, and even vintage outlets. Along the way, you can even pick up styling ideas for yourself.

    At the end of the day, fashion is not a one-size-fits-all. While it’s fun to try the newest trends, don’t forget to imbue every look with your unique personality. Who knows? Maybe soon, you’ll be a certified fashionista!


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