How To Develop The Right Hair Care Routine For Dry Hair

Your hair deals with a lot every day. You probably start the day by washing it, before drying and styling it to perfection. The result is you leave your home looking and feeling great.

But, the wrong hair care routine can have a detrimental effect on your hair. It’s important you understand your hair type and develop the right hair care routine, especially if you have dry hair. 

Dry Hair

Hair is made up of keratin. This is a type of protein and it’s essential to ensure your hair looks and feels great. Protein and other nutrients are locked into your hair by a fine coating of oil. This is produced by your scalp.

Too much oil will give you greasy looking hair, not enough prevents your hair from retaining moisture and leaves it dry, as well as brittle and easily damaged. 

Dry Hair Care Routine

There are several things you should do if you have dry hair, this will ensure it always looks it’s best.

  • Choose Your Product

If you suffer from dry hair then you need to choose a hair product that will help your hair to retain moisture. Some of the best available are the Kerastase range. These shampoos, conditioners, and even oil serums contain keratin.

Using the right products means you’ll add protein to your hair, improving its ability to retain moisture and stay healthy. It’s an effective way of eliminating dry hair.

  • Wash Less

You may like to wash your hair every day but this isn’t necessarily the best idea. Washing strips the oil from your head, this is the oil that protects your hair. By reducing the number of times you wash your hair, to every other day, you’ll increase oil production. 

In turn, this will help your hair to retain moisture, eliminating the dry hair. 

If you’re struggling between washes you can use a dry shampoo.


  • Avoid Heat


Heat is also very effective at stripping the protection from your hair. It can cause the moisture to evaporate, leaving you with dry hair.

To avoid this always finish a shower by rinsing your hair in cold water. It will close the cuticles, keeping the moisture and nutrients where they belong. 

You should also turn down the heat on your hairdryer and other heat tools, this will reduce the likelihood of damage. In fact, it can be beneficial to let your hair dry naturally a couple of times a week. 


  • Be Gentle With Wet hair


When your hair is wet it’s heavier. Brushing it is likely to cause damage and strip the goodness from your hair. If you must brush do it gently. However, it is better to use a wide-toothed comb as this is less likely to cause strain and damage.


  • Cut It Regularly


Finally, alongside the above, you should visit a professional regularly to have your hair trimmed. This will help you to maintain your style and manage any damage. Your hairdresser can even help you create the perfect hair care routine for your dry hair.


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