Saturday, January 25th arrived and though I was excited to attend a beauty course being held by Camila Bravo, I couldn’t share the same excitement for the weather. You see, there is only a small number of people who can convince me to make way into Manhattan that early on a weekend from NJ, more-so given the poor weather.

But today was special, Bravo, more commonly known as @kamilabravo on Instagram, would be hosting her first ever master class and I was invited! As I got on my fit and drank my coffee on my commute I had finally made it to the Garment District where I would need to find parking. Walking up to the building I met up with my editor and we chatted waiting for the elevator. Before we knew it, we began to hear spills of excitement from 3 girls behind us who were fangirling over Bravo. We looked at them and smiled, adding “we heard this was going to be a good one.” The look on their faces; they lit up. It was clear Bravo was their celebrity.

As we arrived, the line was LONG, but knowing we were there as press we walked to the front, but before we could say anything we were greeted, “THE LA FASHION, we have been expecting you.” US, they had been expecting us. This was perhaps one of the most organized beauty events we have attended yet, and we go to one almost weekly. Everyone that checked in had assigned seating, and there were ushers to help facilitate.

But this class was nothing like you’d expect. I felt as if we walked into the INSTA-perfect classroom with private vanity’s for each person, photobooth, charcuterie boards, and not to mention starter kits valued well over $1k each! – I knew we were there to learn, but I felt the need to photo myself in each corner of the room as no words could ever describe how beautifully it was done. Having about 15 tables of 4 seats each, covered in black table cloths made of fabric and actual comfy chairs I was, needless to say, left in awe. They had thought of everything, down to adding two large screens for anyone in the back to be able to see all the detailing, and a full sound system. Plus, did we mention the class was bilingual? Because it was – and not because there was someone there to translate, but because Bravo familiarized herself with her guests.

Staying on course, and following her pre-assigned timeline, the class began. Traditionally, the classes we attend are a bit stuffy with very specific pre-rehearsed lines – that was not the case here. Bravo was just herself, she walked us through her steps, shared what works for her – noting that there’s many methods of approach, and even owned up to her quirky hiccups. This didn’t feel like a teacher student scenario, but more like being taught by friend. It made me, and those around me, actually learn the steps, listen, and most importantly, have them stick.

We started with prepping the skin. Ensuring we were working with a clean face, moisturized, and followed by color correcting. I knew about the techniques, but she showed us how to do it right. Matching colors, being mindful of what’s and why’s. And being patient with us all. We know Kim K once said, “Just one brow session…gave her newfound confidence” when speaking about Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Gotta admit it – it really did.

Right after, we moved into the eyes. However, the color chosen? Who knew! It was not planned, and that made this lesson that much more personal. We just went with it, and that showed us just how truly gifted Bravo really is. By not having a color agenda, or predetermined style, it made the steps unique to the course and in a method that allowed us to see that anything can happen.

The lesson continued and when we finished we didn’t end with an avant-garde artwork piece, we ended with a classy version of ourselves. Yes, we had makeup on, but in the mirror, it was still us…and that was refreshing.

At the end of the 4 hours course, but not to worry, she did feed us in between, there was a very insightful panel. With:

@nikkifrenchmakeup – Enfluencer and glamazon must know it-girl.
@prettyconnected – Entrepenour and original beauty blogger, (ie: BOSS RING MAMA!)
@makeupbykatrinanyc– Celebrity Artist
@jasmynisabel – Beauty PR Specialist

A group of true boss babes that shared their insight in the business and ultimately empowered all in who were present.

For more info on the happenings of the course, the sponsors, and when to expect the next class follow @kamilabravo – after all, she is a sure guarantee to make ANY city pretty.



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