La Par Means to “Live Life Above The Bar”

It is often said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and this was no different for Lisa Tran. Having been born and raised in the nail industry with her mother and two sisters as her mentor it’s easy to see how someone who was accepted to USC for their masters would follow in the family footsteps.

During an interview, Lisa noted that the idea to start her company marks back to 2014. That was when she realized she wanted to work for herself in something that would influence society “to be and do better for… eachother.” But it was not at this point that she started in the nail business – though she did come up with a name: “LA PAR”.

The former part of the name, LA is for her hometown, and Par because of the meaning when used in golf: ‘the number of strokes a first-class player should normally require for a particular hole or course.’ Ultimately making La Par means to “Live Life Above The Bar” – which also happens to be Lisa’s life motto.

I started with a clothing line and that was a tough industry, those guys can duplicate your designs before you can blink your eyes. I wanted La Par to remain a lifestyle brand. I went back to my roots and did with my mother taught me as a child growing up. Growing up in a nail salon gave me first insight on the know how and what it takes to own and operate a salon, thus knowing all about nails!”

Many recognize the brand thanks to the success of the brand itself and having it be Ms. Lauryn Hills go to. But even to this moment, and after various success stories – she still doesn’t see herself as “making it.” The idea of making it to her is being distributed world wide and La Par becomes a household name; that, and she gets to work on Queen B and Bad Gal Riri.

“I do see my brand evolving into a full lifestyle brand from beauty, jewelry, accessories, clothing, handbags and shoes. I see in the near future; La Par will be picked up by some major distributors and inside more nail salons. This business can have its challenges like anything else.  So, if you live it, why not do it! It also gives you an opportunity to have fun, meet people and make money.  The better you get. The better products you use. The better clientele will follow.”  

There you have it. If you are looking to have amazing Nails, as you help cultivate a tribe that expresses self-love, kindness, gratefulness, positive vibes and La Par service – then take a moment to visit Lisa Tran. Because not only is she offering top quality product, she is offering La Par service.




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