ECRU NEW YORK is on The Front Lines of the Beauty Industry

When you hear the word ECRU, perhaps a beige, cream color comes instantly to mind, however in the beauty world, ECRU is known more as one of the top beauty companies, than it is a hue on the color wheel, referred to as ECRU NEW YORK. Born in the salon,ECRU NEW YORK curates edited collections, understanding the needs of the professional artist as well as the consumer, and this seems to be the true method to their success, being able to listen to the needs of their customers and develop creative solutions instantly. Owned by Carmen DesPasquale, who actually began in beauty as a hairstylist 40+ years ago,ECRU NEW YORK‘s rich heritage and by remaining a privately held company means that not only is the organization created by a person passionate about beauty, but it continues to be operated by those who love beauty.

With a major operative salon in New Jersey that’s one of the country’s best and comprised of 170 employees, they have a virtual testing ground and are able to meet the needs of the clients first hand, and develop products immediately. Taking a very different approach from their competitors on the market, Vice President of Business Development Dee DeLuca-Mattos explains that “we realized that salons never want another product, they want another client, so went about building edited collections that weren’t about having a lot of SKUs, but the old mantra of less is more” idea. “The Ecru DNA is very, very simple,” Dee continues “we were born in the salon, so it’s very important to us that all of the products perform at a professional level, and we know that if we can get the performance at that level, that ultimately the consumer is going to love it, because they embrace high-performing products.”

With very big ties to the New York Fashion Week scene,ECRU NEW YORK is on the front lines of the beauty industry, doing hair and makeup for 12 shows this past season, their brand sustains it’s vision of understanding the needs of the consumers by working with young and emerging designers, who Dee points out “they really are the epitome of today’s consumer, they’re very transient, they’re very fickle, they want things that are multi-purpose and multi-functional yet also meaningful. By working with them, it gives us the ability to create the ultimate fashion accessory, which is beautiful hair and beautiful make-up!

ECRU NEW YORK‘s sophisticated and insightful line of products are a breath of fresh air to the majority of us, I for one, am a person who can be overwhelmed with the many varieties of products by so many different brands today.ECRU NEW YORK offers a guarantee you and I can both trust, which is that their company was born in the salon, and I for one prefer something that’s affordable, yet proven top notch by industry professionals. I believe in products that focus on innovation and creativity rather than fluctuating market trends, products that are developed for you, from those in the industry who are completely passionate about what they do, and care about what they put in your hair and on your face!

From the girl who has 5min to get ready to the girl who has an hour,ECRU NEW YORK‘s sleek line of hair and makeup are simple and to the point, and all you’ll ever need to feel glamorous and look beautiful when you walk out the door! To learn more aboutECRU NEW YORK, please visit their website,

River Callaway

Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer

River Callaway is the Senior Fashion + Beauty Editor & Photographer for The LA Fashion Magazine covering all things fashion, beauty, celebrity, events, travel and entertainment.

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