DUMITRASCU with Kebaby Spring-Summer 2018 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Kebaby is the name of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection and is an amalgam of numerous inspirations, usually deriving from the most mundane, unsung details of daily life that go unnoticed. What lies at the core is the aesthetics of a de- funct Turkish kebab shop once encountered in Pigalle. The collection narrates states of in betweenness, being constantly in transit and experiencing non-places. Rave culture merges with monastic elements. Featherweight nylon dusters, floor-sweeping trousers and caftans, and athletic performance-inspired gear come together in the form of couture sports. Liquid high-tech jerseys, ultra lightweight running fabrics and heavy denims shape a post-gender, post-ethnic language. Animated with subdued theatricality, the clothes play with weight and movement in a way that has a direct impact on self-perception and wearer’s attitude.

“Kebaby kids are sports and burkas, grande dame and fetish, rooftop and gutter, Xanax and speed. The offspring of a generation on the run.” — Andra Dumitrascu.

Shown during Paris Fashion Week, Kebaby staged an impromptu geuerilla show at the Centre Pompidou metro station. “We booked the rooftop at the Pompidou, but after seeing Rambuteau (and the original loca- tion) it felt like dropping panorama rent and going gutter.

In a way, its also a collection about courage.There is the neatness, the couture, the belle étage. But its all wack without the street. It needs the balance attitude. Post club in liquid fetish burkas, yesterdays makeup, Pandoras Jukebox, the train noise, rush. The random passengers, some self absorbed, disinterested, at times offended, stunned. Excitement, cheers. We did the show 4 times, on the run, patrol police chasing us, getting shut down, going for more.

Born in Craiova, Romania, Andra Dumitrascu work in fashion industry with very important names like Raf Simons, Veronique Branquinho and Bernard Willhelm. Before graduating, she moved to Berlin to start a then-un-labeled concept shop as a platform for brands, designers and artists.

Photo Credits: Kira Lillie, Maxime Ballesteros


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