PUNK/ROCK Culture from the 90s x EDITORIAL

“I love everything about photography, always have, it makes me feel like a kid in the candy store. I don’t see it as my job, it always feels like a hobby”

says Aleksandar Gligoric, photographer from Novi Sad (Serbia), after submitting this colorful editorial on Serbian punk/rock musician during the embargo and wars back in the 90’s. He has an excellent eye for esthetics and pays attention to detail, which becomes very helpful skill when trying to capture an entire story in just one photo.

Photo Credit: Aleksandar “Alex The Great” Gligoric
Styling: Srdjan Sveljo
Model: Marino “Neprilagodjeni” Milicevic




How did you get started?

“Ever since I was a child, I expressed great interest in different forms of art, especially music, fine literature, cinema and photography. I was a guitar player for a few influential rock bands at the time and photography was just a hobby (not a career choice just yet), but having the responsibility of supporting my family in a country torn by wars and constant crisis, I was forced to put my real interests and talents on the side for a while. So I decided to work as an art director for several fashion brands back in the 2006…and naturally, I started shooting fashion soon after.”




What is the most proud moment of your career?

“I am proud of everything I do. Every moment that involves photography makes me proud…perhaps the fact that I can still choose my clients and can be selective at it…that’s a true privilege to me. And I am proud of that.”


What inspires you?

“If something triggers a memory, a dream, some sort of emotion…that’s the inspiration. Photography always starts with a look. You look outside of your window and you see something or you walk down the street and you see a girl and you turn your face. And if you are a photographer you want to go in and you want to discover this moment or you want to be closer to these things to get this emotion.”


Your fav person to ever capture on a photo?

 “I was (and still am) fortunate enough to choose my clients, but if It must be one person that would be an actor Sergej Trifunovic. We share similar vibe, and every capture of him is magical.”

If you could work with anyone in the world, who would that be?

“Well…as a fan, I dreamed of working with Jeff Bridges on the Big Lebowski set (laugh). Or any other set…Or maybe Daniel Day-Lewis!”

Find more about his work through his social media channels:

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