Beauty Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

When looking for the perfect skincare or beauty product on the market, a woman’s only goal is to look and feel her best. However, as any woman might agree over time, looking her best requires a bit of assistance. From the foods we eat to increased responsibilities and exposure to varying elements of the season, the skin takes a beating. Fine lines, wrinkles, outbreaks, and even sagging skin makes us feel less than attractive.

In an effort to bring their sexy back many women begin investing in cosmetic surgeries that could help give them back that youthful body. The only problem with such surgeries is that they’re often very expensive, and the risks are quite plentiful. From infection to scarring and anesthesia complications, the list goes on.

So how can a woman correct some of her “imperfections” without having to go under the knife? Here are some alternatives to consider:

Silicone Fusion Treatments

Stretch marks and wrinkles are a common issue for women, and getting rid of them, particularly in visible areas, is a high priority. Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment is a noninvasive solution to reducing the appearance of stretch marks anywhere on the body. Clear pads filled with medical grade silicone are worn on the body sparking a natural healing process of the surface skin damage. Such treatments can be completed at home and are a fraction of the cost of undergoing any other removal procedures.

LED Therapy

Acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles are another cosmetic imperfection women like to find treatments for. LED or light emitting diode therapy is a pain-free procedure that utilizes lights to treat affected areas on the skin. Sessions can run about $100 and may need to be repeated as many as 24 times before you can see significant results.

Botox Injections

A commonly used cosmetic measure among the rich and famous, Botox is an injection filled with botulinum toxin which will paralyze the muscle activity in your face temporarily. The treatment is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles within a day or so. Depending on where you get your injections the price is either $15 per vial or about $500-800 per area.


While Botox is an injection that paralyzes the muscle, fillers are for filling in the fine lines with various substances. Fillers are often used to plum the cheeks, jawline, and lips. They cost an average of $500 per syringe, but the effects will last up to a year or more.

Natural Remedies

There are a ton of natural solutions out there that can easily help you to feel your best. From natural facelift exercises to various supplements, herbs, and diet choices, you can improve your skin and other problem areas.

Every girl wants to look and feel their best. Before you decide to spend a ton of money on surgical procedures or put your body through the stress of surgeries, you should always consider alternatives. Many of these on the list will improve the appearance of your skin, and what’s best of all is that they won’t break the bank.


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