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CreativeSoul Photography believes that everyone deserves to truly be seen, so they go beyond just capturing beautiful snapshots. They’re more than just photographers. They are artists and trusted business partners obsessed with unique, visual storytelling and capturing unconventional beauty. Their goal is to tell unique story through photographs that will last a lifetime. Meet the husband and wife duo Regis and Kahran, imaginative forces behind CreativeSoul Photography as they share over 7 years of working experience with hundreds of children, families and brands: they specialize in child and lifestyle photography; and still manage to incorporate authentic visual story telling at the same time as well. They are currently working on a project that aims to normalize and empower natural hair kids by capturing every day life in CreativeSoul’s signature, editorial style. The final collection will be presented in a beautiful fine art book to be sold worldwide later this year. Their past works has been featured in Essence magazine, Munaluchi Bride, MochaKid magazine and on The Real daytime talk show, the OWN network, etc.

The LA Fashion Magazine was privileged enough to explore these beautiful creative minds and this is how the conversation went down…

What does photography mean to you?

“Photography means being able to capture a moment from our perspective. We love getting to know our subject so that we can tell their unique story from our perspective.”


How and when did CreativeSoul Photography first get started?

“We both started out in the marketing and design world and fell in love with photography while dating cross-country long distance. We used photography as a way to connect and preserve memories during each visit. We decided to start CreativeSoul Photography together in 2009 while Reg was in school studying photography.”

What is/are the proudest moments of your career?

“It would have to be our recent world tour. We’ve always dreamed of being able to explore different parts of the world and photograph kids in our own unique style. We were able to show the beauty of kids around the world and capture moments that we will cherish for a lifetime.”


What inspires you?

“We are inspired by the world around us daily – movies, fashion, new locations, models, and hairstyles. We love to pull inspiration from a variety of things because it keeps our work fresh and interesting.”


Who is your favorite person to ever capture on photo? Why?

“We recently captured a girl named Rebecca during our trip to Ghana.   We found her at a very small school in a town called Jamestown in Ghana. There are very limited resources for Rebecca and her neighborhood and school. To see her transformation on camera was amazing and it made us so proud to see her confidence shine through.”


What celebrities do you look up to, and why?

“We love Janelle Monae because of her ability to stay true to herself while still transform and evolve her career.”


If you could work with anyone in the world with no limitations, who would that be and how would the scenario look like?

“We would love to capture Erykah Badu and her beautiful family. We love everything about her style, so I know we could pull off a cool/fashionable shoot for her family.   We’d love to do something that incorporates her style but shows the connection and love between her family.”

Well, our team honestly can’t find ANY PROPER REASON why you couldn’t make this happen… 🙂 We wish you good luck on your journey!  

Explore their beautiful world through INSTAGRAM with other 70,000 dedicated followers they have or link to their WEBSITE to find out more information and details.


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