How to Look Stylish for Your House Guests – Fashion Tips

It is important to look stylish for your guests, so do not think to look your best is superfluous. In fact, a study reveals that the way you dress can set the mood for the entire evening because your clothes can determine your state of mind. Still, the question is how to combine the right clothes to look stylish even for your house guests, so pay attention to the following tips and tricks.

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Finding the Right Look to Impress Guests

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right outfit, such as the type of event you are having. For example, for events that will be hosted outside and in broad daylight you should try to stick to lively colors, while indoor events under dark settings will work best with darker tones.

Understand ‘What’s In’

One way to make sure you look stylish for guests is to know what the current style trends are. Styles change frequently, and you do not want to look like you have not been keeping up. The following are just a few styles that are making heads turn this year:

  • Shrills and ruffles are coming back in a big way, so look for shirts, skirts, or even pants with some of these accents.
  • Tops that show off the shoulders are very much in.
  • Big earrings are making a splash, even more so when your earrings are the spotlight and the rest of your outfit is simple.
  • The prairie dress is huge at the moment; just make sure you accent with modern touches like your shoes to keep it fresh.

Shrills and ruffles are coming back in a big way, so look for shirts, skirts, or even pants with some of these accents.

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Know the Setting

It is also important to know where you will be entertaining your guests. For example, if you are going to mingle with guests by the pool, you should figure out the best outfit for this setting. A great bikini or one piece is a given, especially if you are going for a dip. This is also a great time to think about some of your accessories. Big earrings, bracelets, and a necklace might be a good idea. Sunglasses might be a good idea too unless you are hosting a party after sunset. Now, if you really want to make a splash, consider using a delicate Terry cloth bathrobe or ankle jewelry.

Those who are entertaining on the patio need to think about mixing casual with chic to keep things interesting. For example, jeans would be a good idea along with a simple top that shows off the shoulders, but make sure that you wear heels instead of casual flats.

This is the moment you can layer up a bit, too. For example, consider wearing a dress with frills at the bottom with a nice leather jacket to keep things relaxed and casual. Keep in mind that this will be a practical idea since the night time does tend to get a little cold, and you do not want to be uncomfortable the whole night while entertaining your guests.

Highlight Your Strengths

Yes, knowing the styles that are making a splash this season is wise, but one thing that is sometimes overlooked is your look. Some people can pull of styles that others cannot. For example, a top that highlights the shoulders usually works best for people with straight or near-straight shoulders.

Long and loose dresses or baggy pants tend to work great for people who may not have the greatest legs, while skinny jeans or short dresses look great on a woman who wants to accentuate her shapely legs.

You also want to take your body shape into consideration when choosing a particular style. For example, those with an apple shape should stick to tops that are little longer and somewhat loose. If you have a pear-shape, this usually means you want to find ways to accentuate your midsection to highlight that area. One good example of this is wearing a short bomber jacket that meets at your midsection.

Those who have more of a rectangular shape should opt for tops that are slightly loose near the top but a little snug near the midsection of the body to create the illusion of curves.

These are just a few suggestions to make sure you look stylish for guests. Keep in mind that it is okay to take some of these ideas and filter them through your own sense of style. Any outfit you choose should still bear your signature. Try to use accessories that will complement your look and will make you feel like the perfect host.


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