Anais and Mirabelle Lee – The Miracle from Philly

Let me introduce you to these young models and actresses – Anais and Mirabelle Lee.  These Philly born girls not only stand apart, they are the role models young ladies of their generation aspire to be. At just 10 years old, they’ve accomplished more than many would hope in a life time. Anais and Mirabelle are well on their way to the top! They both starred in the film “Blood Ties” playing Zoe Saldana’s daughter; co-starred in the hit series, “The Blacklist”, and were even featured on the Kelly & Michael Show together!

They work hard to excel in everything they do – dancing, acting, modeling and school. Their acting and modeling requires them to go to auditions and jobs throughout the school year. Despite this, the girls are successful students and always achieve good grades. Their favorite subjects are French and Math.

Anais and Mirabelle are identical twins, best friends and are very close. They share everything. If one of them gets a punishment, the other will take the punishment with her sister or advocate on her sister’s behalf for forgiveness. They cannot bear to be apart! They are best described as Yin and Yang – they are opposite sides but joined together they create an amazing unity. They often finish each other’s sentences and their close bond makes it easy for them to synchronize dances.

Volunteerism and charity is very important to Anais and Mirabelle. They volunteer for a program at school called “Bernard’s Buddies” where they pair up with an autistic student and help the student navigate socially at school. Anais and Mirabelle are very charitable. They have friends from school, dance, acting and modeling who they bring together every year for a big birthday party. In lieu of birthday gifts, Anais and Mirabelle ask their friends to donate new clothing items for children in a shelter located in Newark, New Jersey. Anais and Mirabelle then bring the gifts to the shelter and love spending the day there dancing and playing with the children.

Anais and Mirabelle are huge Youtubers – their favorite shows on Youtube range from baking cool cakes to makeup tips. In their free time, the girls play in their light up mirror practicing beauty tips– like how to make a lip scrub or how to make your eyelashes longer. They are always creating strange concoctions and messes using any item they find in the kitchen!

Before the girls were born, their mother travelled to France with her mother. They were in a French bookstore and found a cool bookmarker with the name Anais Marie. They loved the name. So, Anais’ grandmother saved the bookmarker in her bible for many years. When Anais’ mom became pregnant with twins, they knew immediately that one of the twins would be named Anais Marie. But, they still needed a name for the second twin. The twins’ Aunt Rachel was unemployed the year before they were born and didn’t have much cash. She wanted to help with choosing a name for the second twin so she went to Target and picked up a baby book. Because she didn’t want to buy the book, she spent an hour walking around the store reading out names to the twins’ mom until she found the name – Mirabelle. It was just perfect because it’s French and means “of incredible beauty” which matches Mirabelle very well.

Photography: Lena Melnik

They’ve modeled for major brands such as but not limited to Toys R Us, Puma Kids, Nickelodeon, Saks 5th Ave, Family Dollar,, The Children’s Place, Macy’s, New Balance (Kids), Avon, QVC, Babies R’ Us and for the past two years have walked for Nike and Levi’s in New York Fashion Week. The girls are frequent faces in Nickelodeon promos and are the lead dancers for the animated series – “Shimmer and Shine”.

Though Anais and Mirabelle’s journey may have seemed fast they have surpassed 35,000 followers via INSTAGRAM 

The LA Fashion Magazine was fortunate enough to chat with these little stars…and this is what we shared together:

What is your favorite style for the Spring? Shoes/clothing/colors?

“In the spring we like to wear cool skinny jeans with beautiful colorful tops. We love lots of color like blue, pink, purple, and yellow.”

What is the best part of having an identical twin sister?

“The best part about having an identical twin sister is that you have a built in best friend. We do everything together and we are most confident when we’re together. So, when we go to auditions or go sees, we walk in together feeling very confident because we have each other.   We spend a lot of time together going on our Instagram profile @anaismirabelle responding to comments and posting about our adventures in the entertainment world. We love social media.”

Photography: Collette Bonaparte – Hairstylists: Danny Torres and Rakeerah Griffin – Wardrobe Stylist: Assa

How would you describe your recent experience at NYFW?

“It was so fun! We walked for Nike and Levi’s in the Rookie USA show. This is our second year walking in the show and it has become so popular because a lot of celebrity kids walk in the show. The show has so much energy and we love seeing everyone cheer for us when we walk down the runway. This year we had the honor of closing the show for Nike with a hip hop dance we choreographed. After the show, we saw so many cool Getty images of us blowing glitter kisses and dancing on the runway. We love NYFW!”

Who is your favorite designer, and why?

Our favorite designers are Zella Girls, Tucker and Tate, Maddie, Sharkcookie and Nike. We like these designers because they are comfortable, casual and we can move freely and dance in the clothes. We wear them all the time.

What designer(s) you would like to represent as models in the near future, and why?

“We would like to represent Nike and Maddie because we think they are a fun brand. We already wear Nike and Maddie clothes all the time so it would be really great to represent them in a print campaign.”

What celebrities do you look up to, and why?

“We look up to Beyoncé because we think she has a great sense of fashion and she makes beautiful songs about real life. We watch a lot of Beyonce videos to incorporate her dance moves in our runway dances.   We also look up to Natalie Portman because she won an Oscar while studying at Harvard!  We like the fact that she remained focused on academics while pursuing her acting career. School and academics is very important to us. Natalie Portman is a great actress and role model. We love Draya Michele a beautiful model, business woman and television personality. She’s from Pennsylvania like us and moved out to LA and fulfilled her dreams.”

Photography: Collette Bonaparte – Hairstylists: Danny Torres and Rakeerah Griffin – Wardrobe Stylist: Assa
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