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Based on firsthand experience, I can honestly say that Sandra Prosper (Founder and CEO of Sandra’s Soups and Sweets) makes some of the tastiest food that I have tried so far. In regards to her main course dishes, the days of hard work and effort that she puts into the flavor of each meal that she cooks is evident with every bite.

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As far as her desserts, they are not only rich in flavor, but also very satisfying to eat. Sandra was able to provide The LA Fashion Magazine with key information in regards to her background and experience with food as well as her current catering business. Since as far back as she can recall, Sandra Prosper has always had an interest for food. When she was very young, she would always watch her grandmother cook, who was a caterer in Haiti. Sandra admired the long hours and labor-intensive care that her grandmother would put into the food she made. The food was always made with organic ingredients. Sandra inevitably realized that, in order to make food that would be memorable and that would stand out, she had to become accustomed to this “low and slow” process. Sandra has taken what she has learned from her grandmother and has carried it over to her own business today. In fact, Sandra sees cooking as an art form and believes that, to truly create meaning within the food she makes, she must cook “in a lovingly manner” and must pay great attention to detail. Sandra started her own catering company (Sandra’s Soups and Sweets) about one year ago.

While figuring out her next chapter in life after several years of exploring careers in acting and fashion, Sandra realized her true passion by hosting several dinners at her home and receiving such positive feedback from everyone who had the opportunity to taste her cooking. Sandra has been a longtime volunteer for an organization called “Meals on Wheels”, where she donates freshly made food to people in need. Every week, as a fun way to give back to the community, Sandra and a group of friends would rotate between their houses and cook together in preparation for donating the food to the previously mentioned organization. When it came around to Sandra’s turn to prepare the meals, it seemed as though people could not get enough of her cooking, particularly her soups and desserts. Because of this, she decided to take her skills and potential to the next level. Ultimately, Sandra’s dream of starting her very own catering company became her reality. What makes her soups and desserts unique from others is that her products are driven by taste rather than volume. For example, in regards to her soups, she refuses to add unnecessary ingredients just for the sake of stretching her soups or thickening it. Although this calls for a much more time consuming process and results in her products being slightly more expensive, it provides her consumer with a satisfying experience. Let’s take her double chocolate brownie for example, which is one of her most popular products at the moment. With other brownies, we can never be happy with just one brownie. However, Sandra’s double chocolate brownie has such a homemade feel and tastes so rich that just one brownie is enough to be satisfied. Another great example is the lemon loaf cake that Sandra makes. When you eat this cake, you get a real sense of flavor, meaning that rather than using a large amount of sugar as a filler for this cake, Sandra is able to provide her customer with the taste of pure lemon. These two examples are just a couple of the many delicious desserts that Sandra puts hard work and effort into in order to make them taste great.

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She has shared that her main objective for this year is to take her business into stores and she has already partially accomplished this goal as she was hand selected by Williams-Sanoma to partake in several pop-up shops on Saturdays in their stores throughout Los Angeles. Sandra desires to continue moving into high-end specialty stores as well as local specialty stores such as Whole Foods. She also plans to sell her products at local farmers markets at least one day per week. All orders can be online at Sandra’s website for her catering company.


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