It’s only beginning of February and by now we are all trying to put winter looks behind us and find the best Valentines day “I woke up like this” instagram worthy look. This is why we turned to the experts, and NO we do not mean the Paul Mitchell’s of the world, we meant business!!! So we went to James Charles, CC Clarke and Kay-Lani Ross, as well as a few others leading the way in INSTA-FABULOUS!

This week as you are looking through an archive of images to be inspired for the big 14 we recommend you scroll through some of our favorites, and while naysayers may want to give these influencers a hard time for not being professionally trained makeup artists, we care to say otherwise, and we should know talent we are a fashion magazine! But in case that is not enough, on the business side of things, influencers sell! And they’re truly making an imprint on society and the way many millennials shop….so, in keeping in fashionista tradition, here’s a little rundown of our favorites:

JAMES CHARLES, @jamescharles

The mere fact that CoverGirl named him its first male ambassador was enough for us, but did we mention he was only 17 years old!? When I was 17 I was trying to decide if dark lip liner was truly a thing – and actually, better said, what the hell was lip liner?? Kudos goes to this makeup junkie that truly made a name for himself as a sought-after influencer. We recommend you follow Charles if you love to see art in true form. He has perfected the combination of contour and strobing and more importantly knows how to truly embrace a full brow. Follow him and learn the tricks of the trade and make them highlights shine to the Gods!

story james

KAY-LANI ROSS, @viva_glam_kay

Hats off to Florida native Kay Lani Ross and her one million followers – maybe it’s her beautiful hair? Nope, it’s all about how she keeps it real in her channel! We love how relatable she keeps it with every session with what occurs in every day life while trying to get ready but she still focuses on her tutorial like a pro. Of course when your skin looks like it has been airbrushed out of the womb we can’t help but die of envy but we still need to praise someone that knows how to take an almond eye and create a striking multi colored smoky look. For a true down to earth lesson, check out our girl Kay-Lani and be ready to embrace the inner diva that everyone just falls for. One look and you’ll be hooked!

story kay lani

CHRISSPY, @chrisspy

AKA Christina is a true Makeup Artist Cinderella story. She started as a MAC artist and eventually gave this crazy world of social media a whirl as she began posting images online to teach us makeup hunters some tricks of the trade…little did she know that she eventually would leave MAC to work with the likes of Urban Decay and even bigger, be invited to PopCon in DUBAI! Go girl, GO! Follow Chrisspy for some real makeup stunners and live through this fairy tale story: the true HOW TO walkthrough….CHRISSPY, when I grow up, I hope to be like you!

story chrisspy
AMRA OLEVIC, @amrezy

As if we didn’t have enough influencers to choose from we can’t help to highlight a specific Brow Goddess – Miss Amra. As the first influencer to have ever collaborated with the famous ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS you will find her technique to be quite on fleek! You may very well have even used her self-created palette with the brand yourself; now that’s worth highlighting~! Make sure to get some inspiration from her, after all, 5.2million other people do already.

story amra

CC CLARKE, @ccclarkebeauty

This is not fair for anyone as we are CC’s biggest fan! Seriously though…from the music, to the makeup, the fashion, and the wigs – and did we mention she has an eyelash growth serum?!? Because she does! This UK Chippie definitely knows how to keep us on our toes creating a look to inspire everyone! If you feel like playing dressup and still bringing a little sass’ to your look definitely check CC out. If you however prefer a sweeter softer look, still check her out because she is just amazing! Sing it girlie, and PS. THANK YOU!


story cc clarke

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