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Caterina Jewelry designs masterpieces that tell the story of every woman’s unique style and intriguing personality, both reflected in the timeless quality and innovative edge of the creations. A company profoundly dedicated to setting higher industry standards, Caterina Jewelry launches one-of-a-kind collections boasting not only a modern aesthetic that transcends time and trends, but also ingenious designs that reinvent classic jewelry pieces.

I got to sit down and chat with the creators of Caterina Jewelry, Lara and Cathy to find out some more information on the products.

Tell us about yourself?


“I grew up in France, then moved to the United States to attend the University of Michigan. After graduation, I worked in finance, marketing, and fashion, and collaborated with brands such as BCBG Max Azria before deciding to co-found Caterina Jewelry with Lara.”


“I grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and was a competitive swimmer from age five. I made the 1988 Olympic swim team and won a gold medal at the 1990 Commonwealth Games, while in high school. Later, I moved to the United States on an athletic scholarship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. After graduation, I lived and worked for various investment banks in New York City for several years before moving back to Australia in 2008.”


When did you know you wanted to design jewellery?


“I have been fond of jewelry for as long as I can remember. I guess my mother’s passion for jewelry design has been largely responsible for this, as she always had great design concepts for her own jewelry. As a teenager, she would let me do the same. Throughout years, I would always go back to my love for jewelry design. Lara and I decided to launch Caterina Jewelry after designing the Signature Collection and inventing the Charm Opener, now a registered trademark of Caterina Jewelry.”

CJ Jan 7

What is your favourite item of jewellery to wear (earrings, ring or necklace)?


“I like all pieces of jewelry, but if I were to pick just one item, it would be bracelets. They are fun to wear, and can really change an outfit by dressing it up or down. I usually match the CJ Golden White Opal Elegance Bracelet with the Minimalistista Blue Inspiration Bracelet, the Minimalista Blue Diversion Bracelet, and a few Blue Kiss Golden Bracelets. Or, I wear the CJ Golden White Opal Elegance with the Minimalista set in red ruby. The piece is super versatile and goes well with the entire Caterina Jewelry collection.”


“I really like to wear the CJ Rose Charm Jet Black Panache bracelet. It elevates any outfit instantly and adds a sweep of timeless elegance to the look. I also love my New Life Blue Appreciation necklace and matching bracelet, which exude an unmatched sense of fun and vitality.”

You have quite a few collections, what inspires you for each collection?


“I take my inspiration from classic jewelry shapes and incorporate them into designs that are both modern and innovative. I like to say that we are reinventing classic jewelry pieces. Each of our creations tell the story of every woman’s unique style and intriguing personality, both reflected in the timeless quality and innovative edge of the creations. Our iconic CJ CHARM Collection combines the versatile style and playfulness of charm jewelry with the beautiful simplicity of classic jewelry into designs that are bold, luxurious, and affordable. The MINIMALISTA Collection was designed to satisfy both the minimalistas and maximalistas among us by offering slender and stylish 2mm necklaces and bracelets that can be layered up to high heavens for the ultimate maximalist effect, or worn on their own for an elegant minimal look.”

How did you come up with the genius idea of the charm opener and have you received good feedback about it?


“During our first photo shoot for the Signature Collection, we were faced with the difficulty of opening bracelets between outfit changes. It was an important revelation and I dare say a pivotal moment for the jewelry industry as we know it today. The lack of a proper solution has prevented many women from falling under the spell of charm bracelets. Many have ended up scratching their nails, damaging the appearance of their jewelry, and even accidentally harming themselves in the process of unclasping their bracelet.

Recognizing these facts and acknowledging that no tool on the market was really functional at opening charm bracelets (or any bracelets, for that matter), we were inspired to address these challenges by designing the charm opener — a practical and innovative tool that would put an end to all struggles. It’s what actually set our company apart when we launched it in November 2014. It has been featured in all major fashion and jewelry magazines, as well as in mainstream press, and most notably during an exclusive interview with Kathy Ireland of Modern Living with kathyireland® TV, which aired on E! Network and Bloomberg International Worldwide in October 2015. The Charm Opener is now patented.”

If you could gift any celebrity, who would you gift and what you would gift them?


“Definitely Jennifer Lawrence as she flaunts minimal ensembles like a pro. She’d look gorgeous in our Minimalista White Opal Inspiration Golden Silver Bracelet. Or, Nicole Kidman — she’s perpetually elegant and has a spotless style record to boot. The CJ Golden White Opal Elegance would be the perfect complement to her look. There’s also Alicia Vikander — she kills the fashion game on the red carpet and off, and the CJ Silver Charm White Opal Expression Necklace would definitely match her high-octane evening glamour style. I also like Marion Cotillard — she perfectly embodies French chic. She’s look totally enviable in the CJ Rose Charm Jet Black Panache Bracelet or Necklace.”

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