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Vaniteux Model: Paradise Smith

“My initial inspiration for starting a lash line was the love that I and every one else has for beauty products. I wanted to make women feel even more beautiful than they already are. I wanted to inspire the young moms that you can do what you love and look fabulous doing it.”

– Nasondra Benson of Vaniteux Lashes & Sheek Shoetique

Her story…

“I was born in the U.S. in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Half raised there and then half raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was raised by very strict parents with high expectations of me. I got pregnant at 17 years old and was forced to grow up a little faster than others as my parents kicked me out, so I struggled being homeless for months trying to provide for myself and my unborn child. After family frictions and being in an abusive relationship with my child’s father I knew that I wanted more from life and that I would not stop until I made it to the top. My past was another inspiration to my present journey as an entrepreneur. At 21 years old, I took two things that I have always loved, Fashion and Beauty and made them a reality. Letting nothing stop me in the process.”

What makes her happy…

“Knowing that I made a difference in someones life. That I made someone feel more secure, beautiful, and unstoppable. Also knowing that I am building an empire for my daughter and my future children to carry on is endless happiness.”

About lashes and work process… 

“I choose various of lashes based on the demand and popularity of different styles. I try to cater to the different preferences of others without leaving any groups out. For instance, most people love dramatic lashes and looking more FIERCE, as others like a more Natural, subtle, lash doesn’t draw too much attention. I have a few friends that have all different personalities, that compare to the average person and their preference… So they play a big role in my choosing. I don’t design them quite yet, that is the goal. I do choose wisely and communicate thoroughly with my team overseas to make sure they are designed to my expectations.”

Vaniteux Model: Giselle Alarcon

Her fav lashes…

“Definitely the ‘Giselle’ and ‘Pari’ lashes. Obviously I am in love with my entire collection, you can definitely catch me rocking a different pair everyday. But I will definitely say that both mentioned pieces describe my personality, Bold, FIERCE, and UNFORGETTABLE.

About her personality…

“I would definitely say I have a very strong personality, according to my closest friends as well.. lol.. Being confident in my work and what I do really helps me maintain my level of energy. Not caring about the next persons negative opinions keep me on a straight path. KNOWING THAT I WILL SUCCEED IN WHATEVER IT IS THAT I DO is every reason to feel and act the way that I do.”

Who inspires her…

“I am inspired by many influencers.. But honestly I am inspired by the woman that I can be.. I see her everyday, I look up to her.. She keeps reminding me why I cannot lose…I will be her one day.. I am on my way!”

“Liz” Lash (Top)-Single layered, short to long, a more natural lash. “Giselle” Lash (Bottom)- Double layered, dramatic lash
“K.J.” Lash- Winged lash, short to long.
Bella” Lash- Single layered lash, very natural but still a little dramatic
“Pari” lash- Single layered, natural/dramatic lash
This photo contains Vaniteux Lashes packaging.

Vaniteux Lashes, French for “Conceited” – founded in Los Angeles, California was created to make YOU feel CONFIDENT, CHIC, and FIERCE! Providing you with 100% Handcrafted cruelty-free Mink Lashes, the luxury quality of their products will make you look and feel like a million dollars. VANITEUX, Indulge in a Little Luxury!

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Nasondra Benson of Vaniteux Lashes & Sheek Shoetique Photographer: @AJColores
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