Celebrity Spotlight: DJ DUFFEY from LA Basketball Wives

Latosha Duffey (also known as DJ Duffey) is no stranger to the spotlight. She is not only popularly known as a star on the show L.A Basketball Wives, but also for her career as a female DJ. This fashion icon has worked hard her entire life – and it has payed off.


Despite a rocky start, her strong connects in the music industry allowed for her talent to flourish and she became the DJ for Cash Money, Curren$y, Amber Rose’s SlutWalk, and so many more. If her stardom isn’t hard enough to juggle on its own, she does it all along with her adorable little son. Here she lets LA Fashion Magazine take a sneak peak into her chaotic life:

How did you land a spot on the show L.A. Basketball Wives?

“My friend/sister Brandi Maxiell has been on the show BBWLA for 3 years and she had the opportunity to suggest a new cast member. I was one of those suggestions and ended up winning the producers over with my personality and occupation. My fiancé is also a basketball agent.”

What is a normal day like for you?

“During the week day I’m a mom – school by 7:45, cleaning the house and working on what I can for my business, then I pick him up by 2:45. After that it goes homework, dinner, play time, bath time, and finally bed time. On weekends I’m more like DJ Duffey – traveling, DJing, hosting, and socializing.”

What is your everyday beauty / fashion wear?

“I love black, clothes that show my curves, and something edgy. I don’t like to fit in when I get dressed, because I don’t fit in. I always stand out in a crowd, so I like to emulate that in my style. I might have on an all black, one piece from American Apperal, with a dope 90s jacket I got from Buffalo Exchange with a pair of Chanel booties. In the clubs I keep it sexy, but during the week when I’m mom – you can catch me in Adidas and Nike workout clothes.”

Where do you find this fashion inspiration?

“Well one of my good friends, Amber Rose, has the dopest style and knows how to keep it sexy, so I watch her. I watch Rihanna… I love how fearless her style is. And I also watch Teyans Taylor.”

How did you get started as a DJ?

“I started 4 years ago in my parents living room. I was 21 years old. I had been married, divorced, and had a baby all within that year. I was working at Enterprise, my first job out of college, and was not happy with where I was. I decided to use what I had loved (music, technology and being social) to make money. I ordered equipment off of Craig’s list and the rest is history.”

How do you balance your life with taking care of your little boy?

“Luckily I have help from my fiancé, my parents, and his father. So when I do have to travel, he gets to spend time with the other people in his life that love and spoil him.”

What is in store for your future?

“As far as BBWLA, I haven’t got word of another season yet – so when I do I’m sure I’ll have a conversation with the producers about if I will be returning or not. Some people think I have been fired because of Shaunies comments on the reunion, but that’s not how it works. I’m not concerned because I think I brought a lot to this last season. As far as DJ-ing goes, I’m learning how to produce because I would like to start making my own songs!”

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