Is The Dyson Hair Dryer Worth The Sky High Price Tag?

Dyson is a brand that has a reputation for manufacturing high quality and expensive cleaners. The company has segued into the hair dryer market with the very first Dyson hair dryer and it comes with the hefty price tag of $400.

The release of Dyson’s hair dryer has been met with lots of fanfare, press and celebrity hair stylists endorsements including a video appearance of Jen Atkin, Kim Kardashian’s personal stylist, demonstrating the Dyson hard at work in the New York Times.

Fun Facts

Dyson reports that it took over $67 million dollars and a team of over 100 engineers in order to manufacture this dryer. It was also tested on $50,000 worth of human hair in order to study the effects of heat on real hair.  


State-Of-The Art Technology & Design

The first thing that stands out about this dryer is its streamlined and futuristic design. Dyson has somehow managed to shift the main components found in a traditional dryer, including the motor into the slim handle for a sleek look. The end result is a hollow through the center of the dryer  

Despite it’s compact size, this dryer delivers 1600 watts of power and a substantial amount of airflow at 85 cubic feet per minute. Features include three speed settings, a cold shot button to lock in your style, a 9 foot cord and magnetic attachments with a heat shield in order to prevent accidental burning mishaps.

Dyson’s team included aerocoustic engineers who worked together in order to increase the motor’s blades from eleven to thirteen for an ultra quiet performance. What makes the Dyson hair dryer stand out from the rest is the fact that it’s designed with a microprocessor and system which constantly checks the airflow’s temperature in order to prevent overheating. If temperatures get a bit heated, the dryer will automatically adjust the settings in order to prevent damage to your hair.

The Bottom Line
According to Shop Hair Dryers, the Dyson hair dryer would be smart buy for someone with extremely damaged hair in order to benefit from it’s high tech heat protectant features but let’s face it; a $400 hair dryer is out of reach for most people. If you have to go into credit card debt in order to nab this tech gadget it’s probably not a good idea. There are plenty of mid and high-end dryers who cost less than half the price of this particular dryer.

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