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C - Madeline Stuart Management
C – Madeline Stuart Management

Just 2 months ago, 19-year-old Madeline Stuart (the only model in the world who is excelling through the industry with down syndrome) gave The LA Fashion Magazine details about how she had been invited to walk in New York Fashion Week twice throughout her career as a model. During the time of that particular interview, Madeline Stuart had expressed how she hoped to be able to walk the runways of New York Fashion Week again one day. This September, Madeline was proud to announce that her hopes of being asked to return to New York Fashion Week did, in fact, come true. Madeline was invited back to walk for the third time in her career. This is a major milestone in Madeline’s career because it shows how she has really made an impact as far as inspiring others to work past challenges that may occur. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, Madeline Stuart walked for collections such as Bound by the Crown, House of Byfield and Rutu Bhonsle. Madeline also walked for Speechless Vulgarity and Vivienne Hue.

Bound by the Crown Couture

One of the fashion lines that Madeline stuart walked for during New York Fashion Week is Bound by the Crown Couture, a sophisticated yet trendy clothing label for tweens, teens and adults. It gives off an haute couture vibe ranging from chiffon dresses to peplum skirts.

Madeline Stuart in Bound by the Crown C - fashionmaniac.com
Madeline Stuart in Bound by the Crown
C – fashionmaniac.com

House of Byfield

House of Byfield is a line that was created by Carmichael Byfield, whose designs are inspired by nature. Primarily consisting of biker styles and suits, the designs of House of Byfield portray nature and high-end fashion through several bold prints.

Madeline Stuart in House of Byfield C - zimbio.com
Madeline Stuart in House of Byfield
C – zimbio.com

Rutu Bhonslé

Madeline Stuart walked for Rutu Bhonslé during Art Hearts fashion NYFW, which was actually her favorite show to walk in.

“It was my second season modelling here and it felt very familiar. Plus everyone remembered my from last season so I was able to catch up with friends.”

Rutu Bonslé is a brand that has a mission of improving the way in which we treat each other and the environment. In fact, witch each purchase, Rutu Bhonslé donates a percentage of sales to positive progress organizations.

Madeline Stuart in Rutu Bhonslé C - zimbio.com
Madeline Stuart in Rutu Bhonslé
C – zimbio.com

Speechless Vulgarity

Madeline Stuart walked for Speechless Vulgarity at a private show during NYFW. Speechless Vulgarity is an androgynously geared line that is based on the idea of self expression and creativity.

Madeline Stuart in Speechless Vulgarity C - dailymail.co.uk
Madeline Stuart in Speechless Vulgarity
C – dailymail.co.uk

Vivienne Hu

Madeline walked for Vivienne Hu during Fashion Week at a fundraiser for the Carol Galvin Foundation. Hu’s designs have been featured in various fashion magazines such as Elle, Bazaar, Art and Designs, and Elegant.

Madeline Stuart in Vivenne Hu C - zimbio.com
Madeline Stuart in Vivenne Hu
C – zimbio.com

Madeline Stuart is extremely proud of where her career has taken her so far. She shared her evident excitement for being able to have the opportunity to walk in certain shows during New York Fashion Week for multiple years in a row. One of the reasons why Madeline enjoys being a part of New York Fashion Week so much is because of all of the positive feedback and warm energy that she receives.

“I love that everyone is so positive when I model, it tells me the world is becoming more inclusive. I can’t wait to come back and model in February next year. A lot of people recognize me now, they are always coming up to me and asking me for photos, which is really beautiful. This time when I went to NYFW, I felt like I really belonged. Everyone was so excited to see me again and treated me like a regular. I am getting a lot more offers for work which is great and I look forward to being around for a lot longer.”

Besides evolving within her career as a model and fashion icon, Madeline Stuart is currently working on a project that is fairly new to her but, at the same time, is extremely important to her as far as her hopes of further inspiring those who look up to her as a role model. Last year, Madeline was approached by Jane Magnussen, an award-winning documentarian from Sweden, to have a documentary filmed about her modeling career and about her life in general. Madeline will be working on this documentary for the remainder of this year as well as some of next year. Once the film is finished, it will be released around the world to help further promote inclusion and diversity throughout the industry.

To follow Madeline Stuart’s journey as she continues to evolve as a model and inspirational figure for others, take a look at her social media network.




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