Bling H2O – A Luxurious Necessity

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As we all know, fashion is made up of more than just clothing. Bling H2O is a high-end brand of bottled water that brings the expectations of both fashion and luxury to a whole new level. Bling H2O, named the “most expensive and most luxurious bottled water in the world” by Forbes in 2006, has been around for years and has continued to create a sense of prestige and luxe within a product that is so simple and necessary. CEO and founder of Bling H2O, Kevin Boyd, was able to give The LA Fashion Magazine deeper insight into the unique qualities, designs, and science behind each collection of Bling H2O water bottles that is created. Founded in 2005, Bling H2O has received a tremendous amount of purchases by a number of A-list celebrities as well as by the general public. Each time a new collection is presented, people cannot wait to get their hands on it. The reason why Bling H2O receives such positive feedback is because this brand of water is completely unique to any other brand of bottled water in the world. The presentation and designs of each bottle of Bling H2O is one of the main aspects that makes the water so luxurious. The designs on each bottle of Bling consist of an exterior of Swarovski crystals. The particular use of Swarovski crystals for the designs on the water bottles has caused the brand to receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback from consumers as far. The reason for this feedback is simple.

Bling H2O is unique. This brand of water bottles stands out from all the rest. The fact of the matter is that, before Bling H2O came about, there was no other luxury water bottle in the whole world. The bottles made within Bling H2O also cater to a different use than other water brands.Usually, when someone buys a water bottle, it is with the intention of throwing the bottle away after drinking all the water. However, Bling H2O water bottles are purchased with the intention of keeping the bottle as a sort of souvenir or a decoration even after drinking the actual water.

“When you give someone a bottle of Bling, it’s special; it’s unique. No one buys Bling to throw the bottle away after.” – Kevin Boyd (CEO & Founder of Bling H2O)

Although Bling H2O is a high-class product, the brand is still very aware of environmental concerns and makes an effort to remain environmentally friendly. Bling H2O collects it’s water from English Mountain Spring, which is located at the base of the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. After that natural water is collected, Bling H2O puts its water through a 9-step purification process which includes Micron filtration and Carbon filtration as well as UV sterilization. Environmental friendliness comes into play throughout this process because Bling H2O does not throw out or waste the excess water that is not used. Rather, that excess water is given back to the source directly. Of course, the design on the outside of the bottle is not the only quality that has made Bling H2O so popular over the years.

Bling H2O has won several awards as the “best tasting water internationally” and has been specially requested for several upscale events such as large weddings. A few years ago, Bling H2O was featured at a wedding in Dubai. The family’s culture did not allow them to drink alcohol at the wedding. However, they thought Bling water gave off such a sense of luxury, that they had the water flown to the wedding and it felt the same as it would have if they had been drinking an expensive bottle of champagne, for instance. The feeling of luxury that one gets when drinking a bottle of Bling is one of the main reasons why so many celebrities have become fans of the water as well. For example, Jamie Foxx actually ordered Bling H2O by the case so that he could have it with him while he was on tour. On another occasion, Paris Hilton has requested the water to be personally delivered to her home. Oprah Winfrey was also seen drinking Bling water as she was coming out of her dressing room on a set.

“Love the Bling!” – Oprah Winfrey

As previously mentioned, there are several collections of different hotter bottles within Bling H2O. Some of the most popular collections so far include The Original, His Royal Badness, and Olympic Gold.


The Original comes in Limited Edition and is a smoky, bass bottle with Swarovski Crystal elements.

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His Royal Badness is a bottle that was created as a tribute to Prince.

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Lastly, Olympic Gold came out about a month ago and immediately took off. The reflective gold tone of the bottle adds even more to the luxurious feel of Bling H2O.

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Be one of the first to keep up with Bling H2O’s upcoming collections by following the brand’s journey through their website and on social media.







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